Cover Story, Mr. Daniele Ferretti (Founder & Managing Attorney – Ferretti Firm) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Dynamic Leaders To Watch In 2021

A Boutique Law Firm with Unparalleled Cross-Border Experience

Throughout history, countries had systematic laws to govern their citizens. The modern era is no exception to this fact. Because without laws, chaos would ensue and the nation and its people cannot be protected. With proper implementation of the law system, countries can thrive in peace and grow exponentially. The legal industry has come a long way since ancient times as lawyers have learned by apprenticeship several skills. Today’s lawyers have a great deal of training and extensive knowledge of the legal industry.

With the legal industry booming across the geography, attorneys are playing a key role in the corporate sector as well as local, state, and non-profit organizations. From giving legal advice to drafting legal documents such as contracts, will, filing lawsuits, etc., to arguing cases before judges and juries, lawyers are shouldering a wide range of responsibilities.

Passionate people take up law as their career because they want to make the world a better place and use the power of law to protect the people and raise voice to help them. With a set of strong ethics, attorneys lead people to justice and become the prime movers in the industry.

Leading a well-renowned legal firm, Mr. Daniele Ferretti is setting the benchmark higher in the industry. Under his leadership, Ferretti Firm has become a dynamic law firm making clients’ business efficient in the modern market, both domestically and internationally.


Mr. Ferretti is the founder and managing attorney of Ferretti Firm. He counsels clients on a wide range of domestic and international areas, including business contracts, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, buy-outs, joint ventures, private offerings of securities, corporate reorganizations, business sales, intellectual property and technology matters, executive employment and compensation agreements, distributorship and sales representative agreements.

Mr. Ferretti’s practice also encompasses wealth planning and real estate matters, including the financing for the development sites, negotiation of relevant financing and acquisition agreements, purchase of developed sites, and the structuring of the transaction.

With more than 15 years of experience, Mr. Ferretti is leading the firm to new heights by advising on efficient strategies for establishing subsidiaries, holding structures, and various forms of complex cross-border transactions. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of and expertise in the recurring issues within the life of various entities and group of entities, including disputes involving parties from multiple jurisdictions, product liability, choice of business entity and jurisdiction, the relationship between shareholders or members, financing or restrictions on the transfer of shares/interest, as well matters that frequently affect international investors operating in the United States and overseas.

Mr. Ferretti is admitted to practice law in New York and Italy.


For his brilliant legal career, Mr. Ferretti has been bestowed with numerous awards. He is considered a prominent attorney in both the national and international legal industry. Alongside being a prominent personality, he is also an accomplished writer on dispute resolution topics, and he gives lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops to spread his unique, in-depth knowledge.

Mr. Ferretti is a trusted advisor to clients encompassing both privately held and publicly traded companies, start-up and fast-growth businesses as well as high-net-worth individuals. He represents companies in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail and e-commerce, fashion, health care, hospitality, real estate, automotive, engineering and construction.

He routinely acts as outside general counsel to US affiliates of foreign enterprises, advising management on corporate governance and all legal matters arising from their operations, including immigration and business contracts.

Before founding his firm, Mr. Ferretti practiced in Italy and abroad for major national and international law firms, advising clients on EU and US laws. He was appointed as an officer of the Product Law and Advertising Committee for the International Bar Association (IBA), where he currently serves as Co-Vice-Chair.


Ferretti Firm helps clients by leveraging its expertise in multi-jurisdictional transactions ranging from corporate, commercial, and private services. It enables clients to accelerate growth while retaining a competitive edge in the global market. It does this by assessing clients’ goals and helping clients along the way to overcome complex legal challenges, thereby making clients’ position stronger in the market.

Ferretti Firm is inspired by the goal of showing how it is possible to efficiently start or enhance clients’ international business with its legal advice. The firm has substantial international experience and offers unparalleled advice by appreciating the different nuances and peculiarities of the different business sectors. It is this international experience that Ferretti Firm morphs into expertise when it comes to helping its clients in the international market.


Mr. Ferretti established his firm in the central region of Italy – Tuscany, which made traveling North and South to reach clients easier. He is dedicated to professionally train his team and has established a streamlined process where his staff follows the same method, dedication, and philosophy while dealing with legal matters and clients.

Despite being an Italian law firm, Ferretti Firm makes a wide application and resort to U.S. strategies and drafting techniques along with legal instruments and databases. This has been possible because of the experience Mr. Ferretti had in the US. Thus, he helps the clients of the firms to take advantage of their competitors and prevent common risks and pitfalls.

Ferretti Firm and Mr. Ferretti have received 17 awards over the last two years, including Italian law firm of the year. Ferretti Firm is currently a member of 6 internationally renowned networks of attorneys and law firms.

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