Cover Story, Markus Heitkotter, Founder (Rockwell Trading) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs 2021

Markus Heitkotter is the founder of Rockwell Trading and veteran in the trading industry. With over 25+ years of “boots on the ground” active trading in the markets, Markus has seen it all… From the Dot Com bubble to the 2008 market crash, Markus has experienced every high and every low the markets have to offer.

This experience has given him the rare ability to identify successful trades in any market… bullish - bearish - or sideways. And he’s developed simple to follow trading strategies and softwares to help other people trade like he does. Since founding his trading training company, “Rockwell Trading”, Markus and his team have helped over 300,000 students from all across the country and even around the world trade stocks and options successfully in every market condition.

But it wasn’t always this way for Markus… He grew up in a very traditionally conservative household in Germany. His parents wanted nothing more than for him to get good grades, go to university, find a good job, get a nice wife and have a few kids. He always knew he was destined for more and loved the idea of trading stocks and getting rich! But he didn’t know how to get started… (In fact, he opened his first trading account and purchased $50 worth of Volkswagen stock when he was only 17 years old… but the banker gave him his money back plus $10 so he would stop calling the bank 4 times per day to check on his profits…) So, he decided to go against his gut instinct and follow along with his parents plans for his life. He climbed corporate ladders and found relative success working for IBM and managing banks across Europe, the Middle East and Africa… But the 70- 80 hour work weeks were killing him. On the outside, he had it all. Money, cars, first class flights around the world, beautiful hotel rooms… everything you “think” success would look like… But he was missing out on one big thing… He had no life! He never saw his wife... when he got home all he wanted to do was be alone and sleep… he was too busy to have friends... too tired to have kids… He was alive, but not living.

So, he decided to pack up his things, quit his job, and chase his American dream. At 33 years old, with $30,000 in his bank account, Markus and his wife moved to a small apartment in Austin, Texas, where he was determined to figure out this trading game once and for all… 7 Months later, half of his trading account had been wasted chasing shiny objects and looking for that “one big trade”... Something wasn’t working… and his bank account proved it… This was when he discovered what separates the amateur traders from the professionals… Amateurs are always looking for big cash windfalls while the professionals are looking for systematic, repeatable, and consistent profits with their trading.

After analyzing every trade he had made over the last 7 months he realised what he was doing wrong…

#1: He was trading without a plan. And #2: He was taking big losses. So he developed a plan… all he needed to do was make sure he accepted his losses and made those losses smaller than his gains, so he will still be making more money than he is losing. Accepting losses as part of the plan made small losses feel normal… He also made the commitment to never trade any more than 2% of his trading account on any one trade, so he could never get greedy or risk more than he was willing to lose, and this way, even if he lost 10 trades in a row he would still have 80% of his account left to trade with. It worked.

Finally, he was making systematic, repeatable, and consistent profits with his trading. In no time he was able to buy a nice car, get a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and move him and his pregnant wife into a house with a yard so his kid could have a good childhood. Friends, family, and neighbors took notice of his upward spiraling successes and were curious how he was doing it…

Eventually, he was too busy teaching all of his friends and family how to trade that he didn’t have enough time to do his own trading! So he put together a website where they could go and learn on their own if they wanted to see how he was doing it… This was the humble beginning of Rockwell Trading on January 9th, 2005. Since then, Markus and his team at Rockwell Trading have gone on to release 3 bestselling books called The Simple Strategy, The PowerX Strategy, and The Wheel Options Trading Strategy… released dozens of online training courses and high level coaching programs… developed an easy to use software to help traders identify the highest likely profitable trades in seconds… and hosted hundreds of live and digital seminars and events around the country. Even through the COVID 19 pandemic, Markus and his team found ways to keep the doors open online to help more people than ever escape the rat race and make money from their home trading the markets.

Together, Markus and the Rockwell Trading team have impacted hundreds of thousands of peoples financial futures, and they’re just getting started. If you’d like to join the Rockwell Trading Community, visit them at