Rohit Birla (Book Keeper) – Business Sight’s Most Iconic Leaders to Watch in 2021

Accounts, Invoicing, Inventory, Reports, GST, VAT, & Tax Filing at a Push of a Button

There are several apps and websites for accounts, invoicing, GST, VAT, etc., and businesses only get tangled while working on them. The constant need to jump from app to app or website to website is a hassle. Also, organizations need to keep track of various aspects on several platforms, costing them time and resources. The whole process is complex and does not yield good results.

Understanding the dire need to streamline accounts, inventory, tax filing, etc., Book Keeper launched its app. Covering several aspects that businesses require under one roof, the company ensured a hassle-free experience with seamless app. The app empowers business owners to operate from anywhere and it is also compatible with PC, laptop, and tablet. With one click, owners can connect with apps and software, so that person on the other end has an easy time.

Here is a comment of a business owner: “The Best App. I started using the demo version. After 3 days of working, I bought a lifetime package plan. Now it has been 4 years of using Book Keeper, my accounts are always up to date. While working on book keeper I feel like I am playing with an interesting app. Sync feature is just awesome. Thanks to the entire team of ‘Just App’. You guys did a great job. Thumbs up for you.” – Krishnan A.

The Ingenious Idea of Rohit Birla

At the helm of the company is Rohit Birla – Founder & CEO of Book Keeper. He along with the team made the app and launched it on Play Store. The Store was new platform in 2012-13, yet he received massive response from users. His email inbox was filled with suggestions for improvements, some complaints, and so many ‘thank you’ messages for the app.

Rohit could not believe such a warm welcome and dug about account systems across the world.

“There are so many accounting systems but most of them fail to fulfill simple promises. Half of them need internet to operate but in India, in 2013, the internet was usually 3G that too in major cities. Even now, internet connections are not stable in tier2 and tier3 cities. Some of the users still use mobile as a modem for connectivity on the system. Few of the applications are so complex, you need to go to school again to learn how to operate the software. Being a businessman, you don’t even have time to breathe, forget about going for some course,” asserts Rohit.

Challenges & Helping Businesses

With over 18,000 suggestions sitting in his inbox, Rohit is concerned about the implementation of each. It is not possible to incorporate every suggestion as there are technical limitations, and also huge requirement of resources. If he decides to implement some of them, there may be too many options and those will confuse the users. His vision is to make the app as simple as possible for every businessman.

Offering an app is one thing but there are always queries and questions about this and that. With technological advancement, there are many chatbots. Rohit, however, does not use any chatbot.

“We don’t ask our users to use our automated bots for support, we don’t ask them to keep pressing 1,2,9 for talking to customer care. Just dial our support number, it will be answered instantly and if it was missed, you will receive call back. If you drop us query email, it will be answered in 24 working hours, if it doesn’t, you get free additional device license,” states Rohit.

The Top-rated App

Rohit designed the app by including customer feedback and that is why it is rated as the top app on Google Play and App Store because it delivers simple promises without any additional cost. The app offers exceptional services that stand apart from competitors. Here are the services offered:

  1. Book Keeper: The Most Simplified and Complete Accounting App for Android, iOS and Windows & Web
  2. Lead Manager & CRM: Track Leads, Take Action and Increase your sales - available on Android
  3. Cash Manager: Cash Currency Counter & Cash Manager - available on Android
  4. Cheque Manager: Manage your cheques as well as print cheques directly from mobile - available on Android
  5. GSTIN Search: You can search details of any GSTIN - available on Android
  6. Business Marketing: Design and share posts on Social Media or WhatsApp to increase your sales
  7. Lead Manager: Track Leads, Take Action, and Increase Sales

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