Shailesh Ganeriwala (OG Hemp) – Business Sight’s Most Iconic Leaders to Watch in 2021

Revolutionizing the Way People Experience Paper by Selling All-natural, Chemical-free, Non-toxic, & Tree-free Paper

Climate change is fueling the need to reinvent the processes and operations of several industries. The urgency is need of the hour because if global temperatures continue to rise at the rate at which they are rising, the environmental effects would be unforgiving. More droughts and heatwaves are predicted to occur every two or three years across various demographics.

Understanding the dire need to curb the climate change effect, OG Hemp – an innovative company – has presented the world with an effective solution. The company is selling paper that is not manufactured using wood pulp but is made from the highest quality Hemp plants. All of its products are developed by advancing artisanal expertise and hands-on field experience to unlock the maximum organic potential and to provide a qualitative user experience.

OG Hemp is on the mission to make the world a more organic and natural place to live in, and an environmentally safer world. It is empowering the world with the useful advantages of this fiber-rich, low-density, and strong-tensile strength available in the home-grown, naturally resistant to mold, hemp plants. Not only its products are eco-friendly but the processes the company has employed also are eco-friendly.

The company is currently offering its products in India, the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Leadership Behind Unique Approach

In April 2018, three men came together to offer sustainable lifestyle alternatives. The terrific trio: Mr. Shailesh Ganeriwala – Founder & CEO, Mr. Sarabjeet Rattan – Co-Founder & CBO, and Mr. Animesh Thakur – Co-Founder & Head of R & D.

Mr. Shailesh is a serial entrepreneur who had setup an eco-friendly flyash brick manufacturing facility. He was also the founding director of East India’s firstBewpub called “Raize the Bar” which brewed more than six varieties of craft beer. He believes there is no end to learning as there are always new experiences to have.

Mr. Sarabjeet has Masters in International Business from Grenoble Ecole De Management, France. He has over a decade of experience in various manufacturing businesses with a special focus on sustainability.

Mr. Animesh is the key technical brain. Masters of Science in Informatic & Natural Science from the University of Bielefeld, Germany, he is tasked with OG Hemp’s product research and development.

Founding of OG Hemp

“It was in April 2018, that we came up with the dynamic idea of providing the world with a sustainable lifestyle alternative. Animesh was already into researching hemp which gave us an advantage. So we found our calling in producing superior-quality, durable hemp papers, which are recyclable up to 7 times. We also made sure to keep up with its aesthetics, by adopting modern creatives and designs,” states Mr. Shailesh.

Vision 2021

In a world that is purchasing through online channels, and that at the same time wants to be environmentally sustainable, companies around the globe have got in touch with OG Hemp to develop products such as corrugated boxes made 100% from hemp, thus being 100% tree-free.

OG Hemp will be expanding to Europe with an owned subsidiary located in Spain, they will be another manufacturing arm in Europe with modern technology and research. Product development with fabrication companies in Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic is already taking place at the moment while we are on the quest to produce very high-quality products that can at the same reach powerful economies of scale.

Environmental-Friendly Offerings

OG Hemp’s core product is hemp paper. Nonetheless, its business doesn’t stop at producing world-class hemp paper, the company goes beyond it to offer a personalized experience to its customers. As manufacturers, it has its line of 100%hemp paper products that include a variety of shopping bags, stationery items like diaries, notebooks, and most recently one of its rising star products: paperboard boxes.

OG Hemp is the only company in the world that can currently say that it offers 100% hemp paper solutions, and for this reason, it needs to adapt to each one of its customer’s requirements and deliver a custom product.

Stellar Recognition for Exceptional Products

The innovative and eco-friendly products caught the eyes of many and hence, OG Hemp was bestowed with numerous awards. At the Entrepreneur India Small Business Awards 2020, OG Hemp was awarded as the Franchise India Small Businesses Award “Dynamic Business of the Year”. It has also been decorated with the Indian Achievers Forum “Emerging Company 2020 Award” as promising new Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses for contributing to the Indian Economy. Moreover, OG Hemp has been featured in Hemp Industry Daily, world’s foremost publishing authority on the Hemp Industry

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