Vineet Patawari (Elearnmarkets) – Business Sight’s Most Iconic Leaders to Watch in 2021

Disrupting Fintech Industry by Streamlining & Structuring the Learning Process for Finance Enthusiasts

Though India’s financial market education industry is booming, there is little order and structure to it. The increase in financial learners was reported earlier but the boom came from around 14 million new Demat accounts opened in FY20-21. This steep spike indicated rising interest among people as well as the Covid19 pandemic augmented awareness due to severe lockdowns and job losses.

For the uninitiated, the financial market is laden with several unknowns. There are various parameters to consider before investing in the market. For this purpose, the newcomers needed help.

Elearnmarkets, understanding the dire need for help for the uninitiated, came forth with a disruptive idea. In 2014, the company realized that India’s Financial Market Education industry is very unstructured and fragmented. With a pristine interactive online education platform, Elearnmarkets streamlined the learning process and offered a new take on practical oriented finance training.

By leveraging technology, Elearnmarkets provides courses. These courses are developed by industry experts and therefore, students gain practical, hands-on experience. This is the driving force behind the company’s success and its ability to create a large talent pool that are skilled and trained according to the industry requirements and standards.

Transforming Uninitiated into Experts at the most Affordable Price

The Kolkata-based e-learning platform was founded by Vivek Bajaj, Vineet Patawari, and Vinay Pagaria. The trio came together to change the financial education learning and their cumulative experience and expertise have come as a boon for newbies in the financial market.

Tasked with augmenting the courses offered by the company, Vineet Patawari – Co-founder & CEO of Elearnmarkets, is a CA, PGDM from IIM, Indore. With his 13 years of experience in the digital business, he steers the company and makes it stand apart from the competitors.

“In the space where we are operating, there are very few people who are functioning in a structured way. This industry is extremely fragmented and some individuals are training people. What Elearnmarkets has done is bring credibility into the system through the due diligence of every trainer before we onboard them to the company.

Also, these trainers especially in financial markets used to charge a very high amount earlier because they used to teach around 20 people in a seminar mode. Now, with our platform support, they are able to reach a large audience and we are charging a sum of say INR 500. The trainer is getting similar revenue but for a single student, it has become very affordable. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone.” he asserts.

Augmenting Financial Knowledge

“Elearnmarkets is a financial market training platform where we have 100+ market experts who are training people on various aspects of stock markets and related aspects such as mutual funds and other financial products. So, it is a platform wherein we help students and the experts to come together enabling the students to learn from professional experts. This is an industry which is extremely practical and you need to learn from people who are actual traders and investors,” Vineet states.

Being an Entrepreneur & Conquering Challenges

Vineet earned his MBA in 2008. During this time around, CAT migrated to online mode, and having a zeal to do something in the education sector, Vineet launched his venture called Fireup. The startup was way ahead of its time and Vineet brought curtain on it a year and a half later. After that, he joined a job.

The burning passion stayed with him and he met Vivek Bajaj who had his family business into financial markets. Being a hardcore finance profession, Vivek also wanted to bring some change in the education field. The two joined forces and Elearnmarkets saw the light of the day in 2014-15. Since they wanted to reach students from all corners of India, the platform went in online mode and the rest is history.

Revolutionizing the Financial Education Industry

Under his leadership, Elearnmarkets experienced a spurt of growth since March 2020. Here are some impactful numbers that throw light on how Vineet upscaled the company in the last financial year 2020-21:

  1. The user base grew by 452%, currently, Elearnmarkets has 8.90 Lakh registered users
  2. Revenue grew by 100%
  3. The paid user base saw a jump of 90%, Elearnmarkets has 50K paid users to date.
  4. Pageviews per month on a year-on-year basis have grown by 122.3%. Pageviews for the last month was 2.8 Million

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