Vishal Vyas (Nexx Consulting) – Business Sight’s Most Iconic Leaders to Watch in 2021

A Consulting Specialist Offering Professional Talent Pool to IT, ITES, BPO, Insurance & Finance

India is considered the global hub of outsourcing. Thanks to the country’s rising talent pool, companies around the globe seek Indians for various positions. To offer the global companies the necessary skilled talent, the human resource industry in the country experienced a spurt of growth in the decades. The industry is getting more organized as companies are making space for HR firms. These firms are responsible for providing exclusive talents for companies around the world.

Bridging the gap between talent pool and requirement, Nexx Consulting is forging an alliance with our customers through integrity, innovation, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that will establish our leadership in the industry. It is a specialist consulting firm providing total IT, Finance, Retail, Banking and Insurance Consulting and Staffing solutions in the most economical and professional way.

Nexx Consulting began its journey in 2010 with four core vision pointers for its clients. The company envisioned them to offer unparalleled services to its clients. The four pointers are:

  1. Provide a Challenging, Interesting, Enjoyable, and Exciting Working Environment
  2. For its People, Enabling Them to Develop Professionally and Fulfill Their Personal Objectives
  3. Develop mutually beneficial relationships with associated companies that will assist the company in fulfilling its Mission and Vision
  4. Operate its business, Price its Services, and share rewards in a Manner that supports Long-Term Partnerships with its Clients, Employees, and Candidates

Changing the HR Industry with Innovative People Solutions

At the helm of the company is Vishal Vyas – Founder & Managing Director of Nexx Consulting. He is a first-gen entrepreneur with more than 18 years of experience in Human Resource and Staffing. Vishal began his entrepreneurial journey after having worked in many esteemed IT MNCs for staffing needs. This laid the foundation for his own venture and in 2010, he established Nexx Consulting as a one-stop people solution for IT, ITES, BPO, Insurance & Finance industries.

A highly organized person driven by ambitions, he started his company as an independent recruiter and soon, expanded it into a full-fledged recruiting firm that has several employees. His direct dialog with clients is the driving force behind the firm’s success. He also received many accolades and appreciations from top clients. His major focus is on Strategic Hiring and adopting new recruitment trends and models. He now also focuses on inclusion and diversity.

“We offer or supply manpower to IT, ITES, Shared-Services sector. To match current trends of hiring we look forward to upgradation of skills towards Cloud, AI, ML, and Analytics. Looking at current scenarios will have to develop different models for hiring in coming years. As trend will more be inclined towards Work from Home. So need to develop that all changes, Cloud and reskilling will play a big role,” asserts Vishal.

A Born Leader making a Difference in the Recruitment Cycle

Vishal’s approach is direct with clients, customers, and candidates. He has invested in this approach to develop mutually beneficial relationships with associated companies that will assist his company in fulfilling the company’s Mission and Vision. This direct dialog with applicants and recruiters offers better insights into the entire recruitment cycle. This helps him in understanding new trends and models in the industries.

“I'm a natural leader. Talking about my leadership then I am creating a reputation for knowing our work with high standards and deliveries. Our approach and participation are key factors so our clients rely on us,” states Vishal.

Vishal always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. He did his PG in HR and worked in the companies gathering knowledge, model of operations, and ethics towards organization. With experience, he paved his way towards helping other people land jobs across the spectrum of industries.

Apart from his dreams, he was influenced by Mohd. Hussain Salim Shaikh and Sachin Jadhav. His wife – Neha Vyas, has kept him focused throughout ups and downs and his mentor – Handy Barot, guided him through those ups and downs. All of the things he managed to achieve in life, he dedicates them to these people. He is also a professional drummer/octopad artist and has his own band called Freaky Beats.

Staying at Front

Vishal, being an entrepreneur, thank god whenever it is Monday. He draws his energy from Monday because it comes with new vibes, challenges, and a fresh start.

He also cautious about the needs of the employees and hence, he takes the most unique way to help them.

“Every 1st April, we celebrate NEXX Foundation day. We do organize monthly parties and activities. We have annual awards for teams, outings etc. NEXX has very open approach with his team members, here we have independent work atmosphere and culture. Everyone has an opportunity to grow and participate,” says Vishal.

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