Akashh Jaiswal, Nityangi Jaiswal, Ajay Agarwal (EVE and Key Chain Developers Pvt. Ltd) – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2021

“Enabling businesses to upscale their potential with the efficient use  of  technology”

In the last few decades, technology has overhauled the way we work. Every sector in the economy today is making the best use of technology to enhance its productivity. The advancement of technology has played a crucial role in the development of industries and many companies today are dependent on new and budding technology to become more productive and efficient.

Key Chain Developers Pvt. Ltd. is a software development company that strives to use technology to strengthen people and help them realize their full potential. It believes in making corporate life hassle-free and convenient to the core, and EVE is one of many  such innovations.


Key Chain Developers Pvt. Ltd. is devoted to providing affordable, unique and holistic solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Its first mobile app EVE or Employee Value Enhancer is a one-stop solution for businesses, and provides end-to-end support for back office functions like HR, Accounting, Feet On Street (sales team management)  and many more, to manage daily office work. This innovative app is available on both Android and iOS. It is also available in a web version for desktops. Their unique  Multi-device Automated Reminder System (MARS), helps in setting tasks and reminders  for upcoming assignments  and meetings, so that no task is missed, and work commenced smoothly. The inhouse social Communication Wall is a closed and secure platform that is used only by its employees to communicate. There is  also an inbuilt document depository which you can carry in your pocket. Their latest launched product SATURN (or Sales Tracker and Unique Reporting Network) is the perfect combination of a CRM and MIS solution, which uses sales data in real time decision making. This way order management becomes faster and easier,  while our clients get to focus on what is most important- the customer.


The very germination of EVE App was a result of trying to solve issues existing in the parent promoters’ other businesses.

The issues were common between sectors as different as Finance and Manufacturing. Here is where the creativity went into overdrive. They saw a gap in the market for a productivity boosting app, that solved many back-office issues, which could cater to any industry or any size of business, and which was quite affordable.

The application helps the existing workforce and teams to maximize their output, by automating and digitizing clerical work, so that the human resource companies invest in, does what it does best- think, create and add value like no other organism on the planet has the potential to do.


Parent promoter-couple Akashh and Nityangi Jaiswal are the glue that binds everything together. The Company and its flagship app EVE are Akashh’s brainchild, which grows daily with each germinating idea. While one person creates, the other executes, making sure clients are satisfied with the product and customer care. With the consistent support and carefully developed skillset of the co-founder and CIO Ajay Agarwal, the trio is at the helm of all decision-making and strategizing at the Key Chain office. The vision to harness their love for innovation and technology drives them to deliver simple solutions that improve several lives.


Key Chain Developers Pvt. Ltd. takes the words ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’ to be true. In today’s world, however useful a product or service is, it also has to be affordable, accessible and understandable by the general masses that work in every office space.

They look forward to delivering simple solutions that empower many lives. And there is a vacuum in the market for such a product, which is what drives them.

The culture at work is inclusive and open. They want the teammates to speak up, add value to the conversation and offer ideas. This helps them look at the market and the product from all angles, and then design solutions. This works to their advantage nine times out of ten.


There is no denying the fact that the world today is slowly digitizing and is going online. A digital app for running businesses, from anywhere, in real-time, is the perfect catalyst for accelerating this change, and this is exactly what they plan to do. Their goal is to slowly but surely keep spreading the word until they grow, first upto 1 lac users, and then to a level where every second office is using the EVE app, thereby increasing human efficiency and value!

For More Details: https://www.eve24hrs.com/