Jitendra Singh (Heinrich) – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2021


HEINRICH, a renounced company from Germany has been providing highly qualitative products in Life Safety, technology and Automation in the form of the Public Address System, Network Solutions and Video Surveillance. It is the leading manufacturer of Public Address and Voice Evacuation System (PAVA) which comprises of Digital/ IP Based and Redundant systems, Board Room Conference System, Pro Audio Systems catering to Large Auditoriums, Amphitheater, Large Crowd Assembly Areas, Talk Back Communication system for Commercial Buildings, Battery Operated Fire Exit Signage system, IP CCTV and Nurse Call System.

Recently, HEINRICH has marked another milestone by launching the wall-mounted PAVA System which can be connected to 160 zones and has embarked its name as the first company in the industry to introduce such technology. It has also started manufacturing Industrial Grade Talk Back System for the Indian Manufacturing plant’s tunneling area.

A Little Background             

HEINRICH back its origin from Germany and is one of the pioneers in Sound Technology. With time, they have added more products that cater to the growing Safety and Security requirements. The Chairman and Director, Mr. Jitendra Singh and the Managing Director, Mr. Ramapriyan holds a rich experience of 3 decades in Safety and Security Domains in the Indian market and this acts as the core strength behind HEINRICH LIMITED’s successful journey in India. They quickly filled the shortfalls with the elements of Customer Satisfaction and the needs to which the Customer is looking forward. This in return gave more opportunities to explore and expand which facilitated the customer to choose HEINRICH over others again and again as their preferred brand for all the projects.

Introducing New Technologies and Innovation With Time

HEINRICH looks forward to the expansion of its product manufacturing in India and to the introduction of New Technologies and Innovations that would keep their customers satisfied. HEINRICH has already marked its Manufacturing footprint in India for its products and looks ahead to the manufacturing of products using new technologies.

The company has always been deep-rooted with its basics of being punctual and understanding. Be it sending the Pricing on time to understanding the customer requirement clearly and then providing them the suitable solutions, HEINRICH has always followed its basic principle and has been able to strongly mark its successful journey at a fast pace. One of the many reasons for HEINRICH’s steady growth in the Indian market is its Supply and Support as they clearly understand that being a Manufacturer of Life Safety and Security products, their role doesn’t end with just SUPPLY; SUPPORT plays an integral role as well.

HEINRICH has done numerous Metro and Commercial projects. Remembering a project that made the team go innovative in no time, Mr. Jitendra recalls the project completed in 2018 for a Leading Corporate Giant in Bangalore wherein they had to provide IP PAVA System and the company’s backhand IT Team refused to share IP due to their internal policies. HEINRICH provided the solution as expected by its clients for the cabling for the project was done keeping note of the IP PAVA solution.

Their Strength and Vision Ahead

Management faith in Employees and involving them in decision-making makes HEINRICH stand out from other Corporate Companies. To them, Employees are their biggest strength who have been tirelessly working and have also been unconditionally supporting for the last 2 years. Their vision to grow together and involving each one for their valuable contribution at different levels has enabled HEINRICH to pave the path to growth and success.

The year 2020 has been hard for many companies due to the Pandemic but HEINRICH not only maintained its energy level but also made the highest ever recruitments in the 2nd quarter of the year 2020. The company was under the constant pressure of delivering projects on time and they succeeded without failing in any and without putting any extra pressure on the existing employees as they added more to their family.

HEINRICH INDIA today, with 9 years successful years in India has completed more than 1300 deliverables as products for IT/ ITES/ BPO/ Hospitality/ Healthcare/ Industries/ Automobile/ Banking and currently is working over 5 Metro projects, 3 more in the pipeline and more than 12 plus airports and few more are expected in next 2 quarters. HEINRICH INDIA is soaring high in the Indian market.

For More Details: http://www.heinrichlimited.com/