Teddy Mathew (Eminent Digitals) – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2021

“360-Degree Augmentation of Businesses in the Digital Space with Eminent Digital Stratagems”

Digital presence is the necessity of the hour in this contemporary era.  Businesses   that   have   presence    across platforms are reaping huge benefits from the digital strategies. It is not enough to have a business profile and a website. To succeed and stay ahead of the curve, businesses need well-thought and pragmatic digital strategies   according   to   their   business   objectives.  To   reach the right audience while providing value to them is the key to stay ahead of the competitors. But what truly defines the future of a business is its journey from branding to conversion. And that’s where Eminent Digitals comes in.

Eminent Digitals – a Pune-based award-winning digital marketing firm – is   assisting  several  businesses spanning across  industries  in  augmenting   their digital presence. It is a data-driven, 360-degree digital marketing   firm  helping  organizations  increase  their  ROI with out-of-the-box ideas that never repeat themselves. Each  idea  is  tailored keeping business objectives  in mind.

Eminent Digitals is on the mission to provide Unique and Prominent   digital   marketing   and   software  development services to all clients making their dream come true with ravishing  profits. Maintaining  a blissful client – enterprise relationship to deepen the bonds for away  from  traditional marketing methods and implementing a smart work environment  to  increase  profits  and  optimize  marketing strategies.


Established in 2018 with just  5  team members, Eminent Digitals empowers every businesses via digital space. The vision behind starting a venture was the  thought  of ensuring a world where everyone has equal access to every sector for  promoting  their  business  through  digital  marketing platform.  And also, helping the world grow better  with a successive distribution of employment and rejoice through our valuable client  services.

In mere  three  years,  Eminent Digitals is a more than 60 personnel strong firm servicing more than 10 different verticals. It   has  more  than  15  clients from domains such as automobile, home  appliances, FMGC,  QSR,  BFSI, healthcare, education, etc.

With a span of three years, the company etched its name in the industry by making a huge difference for its clients. Therefore, today Eminent Digitals is a name to be reckoned with. The driving force behind this unparalleled success is the sound understanding of the importance of providing versatile solutions to clients. This unique approach helped the company in bagging more clients from various domains.

Eminent Digitals bagged the top position at 2020’s 'India 500 Most Promising IT Company'.


At the helm of the company are Mr. Teddy Mathew and Mr. Vijay Adhav – Directors of Eminent Digitals. Mr.Teddy is a young, vibrant entrepreneur having experience with some renowned clients in various industries. He  is  tasked  with  creating and team-building activities. Whereas Mr. Vijay, having more than three decades of experience in running several businesses, mentors the firm and employees  with  his  exclusive insights.

“Currently we are one of the emerging players in India having 100% Y-O-Y. We are planning for 150%. We value Leadership. In Eminent Digitals everyone is not just an employee but A Leader. Leadership practices help us working towards achieving our Vision,” states Teddy.

With Mr. Yatin Gupte – Managing Director of Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility limited, lending his expertise and experience, Eminent Digitals is pushing the boundaries and delivering value to all its clients.


Eminent Digitals is proficient in Digital Marketing, Website Development, Software Development, Business Consultation, International & Domestic BPO, Content Marketing, Creative Solutions & Mobile App UI/UX Design & Development. The company is also focusing   on  providing  IoT  solutions  for  industries.

“We are targeting businesses of clients from verticals like E-commerce, Finance, Insurance, Automotive, Real Estate, Education, Health Care, Politics, and SMEs by delivering an ROI of 150%,” asserts Teddy.


Eminent Digitals is currently working on one of India’s leading E-Bike manufacturers – Joy E-Bike.The company is pouring and stirring up all its experience and knowledge to bring out creativity and deliver state-of-the-art solutions to the client.

Eminent Digitals is paving its way to becoming a one-stop solution for all digital needs. It is aiming to curb the time clients spend looking for several service providers, by offering the 360 degree solutions under one roof.

For More Details: http://www.eminentdigitals.com/