Vaibhav Adhlakha, Kshitij Adhlakha (RiSEOO) – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2021

“Delivering Solution to Upgrade People’s Lifestyle”

Direct Marketing is proven as the most effective method to be used by the industry to build the customer base. This method of marketing has helped brands to win 10x their initial customer in a relatively short time. It is just like traditional marketing but the only key difference is that it isn’t about marketing businesses to other businesses, rather its about marketing business to the buyers and hence it has proved to be the most effective and most chosen by the industries.

RiSEOO is one such New-Age Direct Marketing Company with a global presence that has its roots buried strong in India. Along with a business model, RiSEOO also focuses on offering an opportunity to upgrade the lifestyle of its members. Its founders, Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha (CEO) and Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha (COO) are two accomplished industry experts having more than a decade of strong entrepreneurial experience in multiple industries. They have together ventured through many different industries throughout time and launched successful businesses. With their firm belief and hard work, they have established RiSEOO in multiple countries and have stood strong in the belief of empowering people globally in establishing an eco-system where they bring multiple opportunities for people to thrive.

Solutions That Upgrade Its Member’s Lifestyle

The biggest solution that RiSEOO provides is the opportunity to upgrade one’s lifestyle. To attain this, the firm has come up with several different ways that might profit an individual according to their own necessities.

  1. Nutraceutical Products- It aims to offer a healthy lifestyle upgrade. RiSEOO comes up with new nutraceutical products every week that caters to multiple needs of one’s own fitness.
  2. Personal & Skincare- RiSEOO has handpicked a range of natural products that are ready to take care of one’s body to its utmost level.
  3. Eazme- RiSEOO allows its members to earn exclusive cashback while they shop at their favourite international premium store or book their travel plan through the e-commerce platform, Eazme. With more than 10,000 brands, they onboard new stores each day and help its members fulfil the bucket list.
  4. BrandAble- RiSEOO provides freedom of building one’s own lifestyle platform while all the hassles would be taken care of by EazmeBrandAble. Here, one will not just be creating a website but will also be getting an unlimited access to the business benefits. The lifestyle platform would be crested keeping the best interest of the customer in mind.

Goal That Strengthens The Company’s Growth

RiSEOO is driven by its founding pillars-

G - Genuine

O- One Family

A- Affiliates First

L- Longevity

Apart from this, their global presence has pulled in a community that is rich in diversity. RiSEOO has the foundation of a very well-conceived plan and this helps the community to stay focused on their strengths and have a positive outlook towards their future endeavours.

RiSEOO foresees millions of people transform their lifestyles into the goals that they have always dreamt of. The goals of RiSEOO are only achieved when the people of the community achieve theirs.

The utmost priority of the firm is to always make people live Tomorrow’s Lifestyle Today ™ however, they also want to bring Innovation, Impact, Best Entrepreneurship Opportunities & Wealth Creation into the mix of numerous other golden opportunities.

The Pillars Supporting The Growth

RiSEOO thrives on the strong attitudes of its employees. The founders’ quote, “We have creativity, and innovations coming in from each corner within every interval. All our products are well researched and given attention to details on a person’s satisfactory needs.

We always give priority to our customer’s satisfaction, and that has created a trustworthy & reliable bond between the two. We aim on providing excellent customer service which in return helps us build a personal relationship with customers. We are part of a trillion-dollar industry, having a huge market share.”

RiSEOO’s presence all across the globe, itself speaks about its plausible growth in the future. The firm has partnered with global industry experts and look for progressive growth. The firm has grown upon the success of its associated members and thus the firm states “When the people associated with us transform and live a better life, then it means we have achieved success.”

The success of the firm strongly relies on the success of its clients and thus their aim is to make the associated people’s life better in every possible way and to raise their living standards along with fulfilling their life’s biggest dream.

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