Venkat Shankarnarayan (BluStream Marketing Solutions – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2021

“Providing effective service and solution using the cutting-edge technology”

 With the advent of the Internet, everything has gone online. We are now in the digital era where the world uses search engines to look up for anything and receive an answer within seconds. The same goes with shopping, finding cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. Being present online has become a necessity for every business be it small scale or large scale.

BluStream Marketing Solutions is an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Company that helps businesses establish its presence, maximize returns and optimize their marketing investments. They help businesses in creating a meaningful connection with the audiences.

The Mumbai-based firm established in the year 2019 is truly integrated with data, concept and technology that allow them to strategize, create, amplify and develop assorted marketing solutions under one roof. The company unites brands, marketers, media buyers and sellers, content creators, influencers, data management platforms and agency trading desks all under a single framework. The firm fits all sorts of businesses and thus it is able to work across all verticals and industries. It works with renowned Agency Networks, Tech Startups, Media Houses and leading FMCG brands. The company also cater to Hindustan Uniever, GroupM Media and Hungama Digital Entertainment.

Stellar Leader

Mr. Venkat Shankarnarayan, the founder of BluStream Marketing Solutions has always been an entrepreneur in his heart. He was always fascinated with the thought of startup and his last assignment just before starting the company became one of those blessings in disguise. His bad career decision made him trot on a different road and made him focus on creating real value. He adds, “I wouldn’t normally recommend walking out of one’s existing job without a well-planned backup, but truth be told, that is exactly what I did when I established BluStream.”

As a beginner, Mr. Venkat had to struggle for the first few months as the niche of the company remained undecided. But with time and his undying effort, BluStream touched new heights and created its own path to success. The lockdown in Pandemic gave Mr. Venkat a new aspect and enhanced his will to keep going. As a marketer and a consultant to renowned brands, Mr. Venkat has always strived to keep pace with the world and has always stayed updated with recent technologies. He says, “Sticking to commitments, speaking less and doing more and generally being transparent with stakeholders are ingrained in my DNA.”

Proffered Services and Solutions

BluStream Marketing Solutions offer a wide range of services and solutions to its clients and thus has maintained its position in the industry.

  1. Integrated Marketing Strategy- BluStream Marketing Solutions integrates relevant marketing tools to deliver the message to a larger audience. They aim to create awareness of the brand among a large number of end-users and thus driving reach.
  2. Integrated Media Solutions- The firm delivers growth through the line adapting to consumer behavior through a performance mindset. Their unique understanding of the intersection of content, data and technology powers the way they build brands.
  3. Creative and Content Marketing- The firm helps the brand create seamless customer experiences to make sure that the brand story is being told to all its potential audience.
  4. Data and Digital Technology- The solutions help in leveraging technology across platforms and allow its users to focus on the tasks that would help the business grow in all terms.

The firm offers an extensive range of solutions that are efficient in helping the brands reach its potential customers via Brand Solutions (Reach Out, Build Relationships and Boost Conversions), Performance Solutions (Accelerate growth by driving meaningful actions from the potential customers), Publisher Solutions (Maximize advertising revenues directly by bringing opportunities for web publishers and app developers) and Creator Solutions (Help the brand in creating, planning and strategizing content for video).

BluStream Marketing Solutions uses cutting-edge technology and has developed its own internal framework to provide its clients the most effective service and solution. To the firm, research and development have always been a priority and this has helped many businesses to keep up with the tide.

As the Digital Marketing sector is growing, BluStream Marketing Solutions aims to focus on delivering the basics and strengthens the operations and deliveries throughout the year.

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