Angela Alvarez (Aglaia Capital) – Business Sight’s 10 Outstanding Companies to Watch in Sep 2021

Explain the background of Aglaia Capital and Ángela Álvarez in detail.

Aglaia Capital surge as an expression of the view of its Founder, Ángela Álvarez, on the industry where she has developed her professional career, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Investment Banking, mainly in the Financial, Real Estate, Hotels, Restructuring and Alternative Financing sectors, where she was chairing executive international positions and boards in big entities and global banks, as well as Fintech and Blockchain, that attracted her interest years ago

She founded Aglaia Capital with a view of combining traditional Corporate Finance with Blockchain, with a focus on tokenisations of securities, digital assets, and with an affiliate company, a Private Office and Corporate Finance boutique, in London. Speaker and Chair at Economic Forums, international M&A, Fintech and Blockchain conferences, where is usually judge in international competitions and awards, passionate about decentralized technologies, being awarded and her company with some innovation, and excellence awards since its inception.

What are key qualities of Company that makes it give best performance in the industry?

Experience, knowledge, innovation, creativity, resilience, passion, paradoxical thinking, Technology, and values behind the business.

What are your goals?

Being a reference for off market Corporate Finance deals, in the sectors where we operate. Making an impact, to contribute in creating a new financial infrastructure with blockchain. Launch and continue evolving our Platform for tokenisations, digital assets, and make of it an unicorn

What are the services offered by your company as par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services?

On traditional Corporate Finance, we are focused on Hotels, Real Estate, and in Alternative financing, mainly in Europe, selectively in other geographies, from simple to most complex situations, and from low to big sizes deals.

On Digital Assets, Blockchain Fintech and Tokenisations, we provide full advisory on Token generating events, and have developed, and about to launch, a compliant Permissioned Blockchain DeFi Platform for tokenisations, mainly for secutity tokens

In a process of issuing Cryptonhite, a security token backed by an asset, with annual returns,  participation in a venture capital investing in sustainable investments. A case of use for the transformation of a commercial business model with a digital asset.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of your company right now?

Combining knowledge, experience, and network in the financial, and sectors where we operate, with the scalability of a new financial infrastructure with blockchain, together with our values, Integrity, Sustainability, Diversity, Innovation, and Impact for making a better world

What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Entrepreneurship gives you the opportunity to imprint your vision. When you start that process it is needed resilience, purpose, passion, and a vision, all of that as well as a dose of serendipity, and some wonderful people that I found along my path drove me when I am now.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

I have faced many challenges, that I have seen as a part of my growth process. I usually focus my attention and energy on the new with the discoveries and learnings learnt along the path

What do you value most about your culture and vision?

My vision came from the experience, and a determined convincement of contributing in changing the industries where I have developed my professional career, by contributing in solving some of the issues that I have found

I believe in a way of doing business, based on ethics, balance, transparency, and trust

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.

Innovation and Creativity are at the essence of Aglaia Capital, being the natural fuel for its continuing development. Most of the Corporate Finance deals, and in particular, digital assets and Token generating events projects require of a good dose of both

What are the strategies of your company and how they stand unique from your competitors?

Our strategy in Corporate Finance is focused on off-market investors and deals, quality assets, corporate M&A transactions of hotel chains, new real estate asset classes related to new consumer habits, and on providing tailor-made alternative financing structures and solutions for Corporates at any sector, and for Real Estate.

On Digital assets, we advise on the whole process of Token generating events, being also a Fintech, with our own blockchain development for tokenisations

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Aglaia Capital is already a new generation of Corporate Finance combining the traditional discipline, with blockchain and digital assets, in particular security tokens. Both will be coexisting and complementing.

Our Platform for tokenisations will turn a bigger part of the busines, that I will be continuing evolving according to my vision

Where is your company going? What benefits your clients are getting from your company in this competitive world?

Our clients benefit of both, the traditional and the digital world. We know well the ecosystem, investors, players, sectors, and our industry. The clients value also our independence, transparency, and having access to off-market investors and deals. On Tokenisations, providing access to a new financial infrastructure with blockchain.

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