Paul Guenther (Knowledge Hub Media) – Business Sight’s 10 Outstanding Companies to Watch in Sep 2021

 Take our readers through your journeys being at the helm of Knowledge Hub Media.

It’s always an interesting journey. Our clients are all very unique – even if they do generally reside in the B2B technology sector. Each client has a specific solution, or group of products, that is targeted to a very specific audience. For example, enterprise software solutions used by IT people, marketers, sales teams, HR professionals or finance professionals. The targeting gets a lot more granular than that, of course. And then not only are the job roles unique, but the types of companies targeted are also unique to each client. So some might be looking for SMB’s, while others might promote to mid-market companies, or enterprise sized organizations with 5,000+ employees. Being at the helm is always interesting because I am faced with a new challenge almost every day. Not just from a standpoint of sales (managing clients), but also marketing (to our userbase), operations, finance and handling our technology infrastructure. There is truly never a dull moment.

How do you diversify your organization’s offerings to entice the target audience?

Our offerings are diverse by their very nature. They have to be, really. Our core competencies fall in the areas or demand generation and content syndication. We promote our client’s white papers and webinars to generate and deliver highly targeted, highly qualified b2b sales leads. As each of our client’s have different products, solutions and services, they each target different segments of people (and companies). Our offerings are customized, fully tailored to target folks within the right job roles – at the right companies – who are typically already in the buying cycle for our client’s solutions.

As a CEO and business leader, describe the challenges you overcame through your journey.

It might sound simple, but just getting off of the ground was probably my largest challenge. Selling the first client, and then the first couple of clients, on what was still mostly an unproven idea. And then proving that idea to myself and my clients - even beyond my own expectations. Besides that, it is mostly client and campaign fulfilment challenges. Marketing programs that are driven by very niche targeting criteria, and reaching lead volume goals by the campaign’s deadline. But we are very proactive about never “overpromising and underdelivering.” We simply won’t do it. We forecast for lead output and delivery as well as anyone in the industry, and we are usually dead on. Even so, we are typically conservative with the projections that we give clients. This provides another layer of protection that helps to ensure things go smoothly and we keep our promises in terms of goals.

Provide one line that best describes your vision and approach to business.

Make money. That’s the name of the game. If you are making money, and your employees are making money, and your clients and vendors are making money as a result of your business process, you are doing a damn nice job.

What was your inspiration behind your product/service? How are your products/services are going to help those, who are not even privileged to hear about it?

To reiterate, the inspiration for our products and services often comes directly from our clients and partners. Given that we are a B2B company – we sell directly to businesses rather than consumers – anybody who wants to know about our products is usually able to… And anybody who wants to have input as far as out products are concerned? Well they are certainly welcome to offer it up.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.

I think the best example of this would actually be starting my company to begin with… Back in 2009. Before Knowledge Hub Media existed, I worked an another B2B focused company that specialized in lead generation services. That was a big factor for me.

What is your vision for the company for the next five years?

Generally speaking, I don’t make any attempt to forecast the future or assume any specific type of growth trajectory. Our industry is inherently based in technology, and as such, it is always changing. For this reason, we too, are always changing and innovating. We have experienced annual revenue growth year over year in 11 of our 12 years running… But my vision of the future is never revenue or sales based. I like to think that in five years, we’ll be at least “five years more advanced” than we are now as a company – just as technology advances each and every year. Optimally, though, I like to think that we’ll be closer to 10 years more advanced in five years… Staying ahead of the curve, just as we have been since our inception.

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