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Leadership in Fastest Growing Companies

Corporates have just become a part of our internal self as most of us today are into corporates. We strive […]

Culture of Fastest Growing Companies

We are in the era of start-ups and there is a huge respect for people who take the efforts to […]

7 Entrepreneurial Mistakes that Can Ruin a Start-up

Building a profitable business is certainly not everyone’s piece of cake. It takes a lot of dedication, passion, patience, and […]

The top 5 technology trends to look up to in 2019

The year of 2018 flourished with innovative breakthroughs in the technology sector such as IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, […]

Home automation – what, why and how ?

Home automation – What, Why and How ? As tech-savvy and obscure as the term “home automation” may sound to […]

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Websites

Artificial Intelligence is an enabling technology that allows web applications to adapt over time by observing and learning from users’ […]

All you need to Know About Automation Apps

The modern technology has opened the door to a connected, high-tech world that was a dream a few years back. […]

Visual Effect (VFX) in Indian industry

Title will be “Visual Effect (VFX) in Indian industry” VFX Industry is gaining popularity in India. I can recall the […]

How virtual reality has changed the entertainment industry

How virtual reality has changed the entertainment industry Entertainment is usually associated with immersion and escape, making us forget about […]

Diagnostics in Healthcare

The Indian healthcare sector, one of the fastest growing industries is expected to advance at a CAGR of 22 percent […]

Five things to know about the Indian healthcare system

As the Lok Sabha elections are around the corner, there is an added pressure on the Government to overcome the […]

Healthcare scenario in India and the road ahead

Healthcare is one of India’s largest sectors – both in terms of revenue and employment. Healthcare not only means hospitals […]