Chitkara International School – BS Most Trusted Educational Institutes of the Year 2019

Education is a primary thing these days and everyone is striving to achieve more with good education. The quality of the education and the whole education system is evolving day by day. These institutes which offer education are struggling to make themselves stand out in all terms and they want their students to achieve great heights.

One such institute we came across is Chitkara International School (CIS), spread across 3.65 acres of land in the beautiful city, Chandigarh. This institute is not just a regular academic school, but it is a blend of curricular and extra- curricular activities of international level. CIS is one of the premium schools that offers abundant facilities for its students. Here, no single quality or skill of students goes overlooked, rather the students grow and come out with a blend of plethora of skills and perfect education. CIS is focused on providing their students a premium infrastructure which involves centrally air-conditioned campus, technology enabled class rooms, activity corners, mobile library racks, malleable spaces, outlook express and much more. The entirely wi-fi connected campus gives an opportunity for students to just get connected to the internet world from anywhere in the campus to get started with learning. All the classrooms are well equipped with Projectors, Smart boards, e-Beams which augment smart learning.

The school also has well equipped Science Labs, Technology Labs as perC.B.S.E norms for the betterment and practical implementation of the particular subject. The campus also comprises a unique brain shaped auditorium named Coliseum Theatre. Likewise, is a tree house in the school campus which is being used in story telling sessions and creative spaces such as karaoke station, the dance studio, the music factory, animedia lab and art studios. Sports is nowhere left behind in this campus. It has immaculately groomed fields for various sports and games. Besides this, the campus also has an indoor play station as sports room, the wellbeing room for the health programs. Every corner of the school talks about its unique pedagogy and offers an experience of learning while walking. Furthermore, sustainability is deeply rooted in the school’s ecosystem. To promote sustainability and preserve environment, the school has established a Vermi-compost plant, Herbal and Organic Garden, SolarPanels and SolarLights in the school premises.

On education front, CIS maintains a transparent approach. ‘Educational and Industrial Visits’ and ‘Innovative Assessment and Feedback Techniques’ assists them to fabricate a learning environment that is durable. Enquiry based learning, Flipped Learning, Blended Learning, Open Book Revisions and Home Learning Programs are some of their marvelous features. The practice of ‘Collaborative Learning’, various national/international sessions/workshops and expert talks focus on multi-cultural aspect. For Chitkara, the vision to sketch a new revolution comes with a research- based curriculum. The several pieces of research at Chitkara promote different methodologies of pedagogy such as enquiry based learning, blended learning, flipped classrooms, interdisciplinary learning, and innovative Tek 8 modules which talks about Household Technology, Mobile Technology, Electronics, Computer Science, Robotics, Energy and Automobile Technology. The teaching framework is also quite vast and meticulous and revolves around the learner and his needs. At CIS, the faculty aims at preparing the students for future by creating a flexible, yet resourceful teaching framework incorporating unique process of Inquiry, Eliciting, Presentation, Controlled practice, Free practice, Weaving, Chaining, Drilling, Error correction, Feeding etc. as part of the teaching process for which the faculty is rigorously trained.

The assessment framework includes the scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas of learning with innovative practices and latest trend in the field of assessment. Also, students are nurtured and encouraged to develop an independent ideology, optimistic approach, enabling him/her to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

In the journey of welcoming 7 to 1800 students, various challenges were faced by CIS like ensuring that there is 100% participation and support from the parents, making students from vernacular backgrounds to cope up with English as a language and encouraging the use of the hi-tech equipments both by the parents and faculty. Moreover, driving the parents from the old regimented school activities by shedding light on the benefits of such program was also demanding and challenging in the voyage so far.

After this extraordinary and innovative way of learning, is an inquisitive persona who wants to know and understand what strength goes into defining the learning curve of the learners today, Dr Niyati Chitkara, the Principal of Chitkara International School. She holds 16 years of experience in the field of education.

An M.Ed topper from Punjab university, one of the top ten rank holders during herBachelors of Education and a gold medalist in Masters of Commerce and Business Administration, certified IB Trainer for Primary Year Programme, certified ln-lingua Trainer, and there is a lot to add to this list. Dr. Niyati was one of the fourteen speakers at the CBSE-CAER International Conference 2014 in New Delhi. Being an author of many more books and research papers, she is an inspiration to many. She also conducted many workshops on child development, teachers and leadership skills, and many such education related workshops. Print Media and Doordarshan have also covered as the Top Shot and Young Entrepreneur of Chandigarh respectively. If we speak about her, the list goes on making her the pride of the city where she has mingled with and joined hands with every great work all over the world.

All in all Chitkara International School is an institute full of abundant facilities for students to grow not just in academic perspective, but also in all the extra-curricular activities and also contributes in preparing them for their future.

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