Month: February 2020

Smart grid systems – More efficient power transmission along with quicker restoration

The world’s electricity grid was built when primary energy was relatively inexpensive and resources were a lot, while today’s world […]

AR and VR trends in different industries

Two of the leading technological fields that are constantly innovating and progressing are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). […]

How Automotive technology is changing auto industry ?

Cars are become smarter and more automated with a lot of innovative technology just like smartphones that are equipped for […]

How logistics industry is change with technology ?

The technological innovations are making big waves across industries, and logistics may be one of the most impacted sectors and […]

ERP trends and popular options

The ERP market has fast evolved with vendors offering enterprise-wide solutions and organizations will not let inflexible system solutions get […]

How Enterprise mobility solutions are evolving with technology ?

The world is a hyper-connected today, through the internet and rapid technological progressions in mobile innovations keep on testing the […]

E-signature and its benefits

The ability to sign documents electronically is no longer seen as a mere contrivance anymore. The worldwide use of digital […]

Security measures enterprises can undertake to avoid cyberattacks

The world is becoming more technologically advanced and connected, hence ironclad gates to keep the intruder out in order to […]

How Sensor technology is changing with IoT ?

Sensors have played a significant role in a variety of industries over the years, but we’ve only realized a small […]

How Agri-tech is driving Agriculture 4.0 ?

India is home to more than 450 Agri-tech segment start-ups, the agriculture sector has received more than USD 248 million […]

Edtech technologies – he biggest and most profitabledigitized sector the world

The education across the globe is witnessing a paradigm shift edtech is set to change that and could be the […]

How digital signage is driving businesses ?

Digital signage has gone through significant changes in its definition and more commonly accepted one has become, ‘billboards that advertise […]