Cover Story – Premayogan Mahesh, CEO (Pentoz Technology)

Making Technology Work

Businesses around the world need more than just solutions. And with constantly changing technologies, the disruption of the ecosystem has become more frequent than ever. In the era where the only change is constant and businesses deserve better ideas than just solutions, Pentoz is the company that delivers positive impact and bring out-of-the-box ideas to create tangible solutions. Thoroughly driven by innovation with roots in technology, data, and experience, Pentoz is also a consulting firm that helps business leaders create strategies and help align their company with the world and customers, thereby building meaningful and lasting relationships.

Pentoz offers digital services in the niche of designing and building robust digital technology. The company proffers various services to the spectrum of industries such as manufacturing, solar, retail, advertising, legal, medical, construction, real estate, entertainment, fashion, production, and always strive to elevate the expectations of the clients with its unique ideas and solutions. As a firm believer in ‘one size does not fit all’, the company creates tailored solutions for various ecosystems which includes automation, IoT, AR & VR, consulting, strategies and all digital services. The customized solutions the company builds are ensured with IP and concepts.

The firm focuses exclusively on web development, mobile, and gaming apps but also has dedicated services for blockchain technology, e-commerce, machine learning, smart homes, Humanized Big Data, everything on-demand, testing and quality assurance, and chatbots. Strategically located in major metropolitan cities such as Texas, London, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, and Ooty the corporate works abreast with startups as well as with fortune 500 companies. The diverse working culture and proffering services from Small-Medium size Enterprises to giant companies enriches the company as a whole and moreover, the experience from every sector makes the team at Pentoz more efficient and productive. As the working place is the center for all innovators, there are numerous new creations on a daily basis. The fun-loving innovators push the boundaries of innovation and bring forth tailored and unique solutions for each client.

Stalwart Entrepreneur’s Enthralling Journey

Pentoz began its journey in April 2017 with only two people. Mr. Premayogan – CEO of Pentoz, has propelled the company to new heights with innovative strategies. By perfectly blending unique ideas into existing strategies, he addresses the client’s requirements. Mr. Premayogan goes that extra mile to ensure that the company is running effortlessly by employing a simple strategy that is to stand apart from the crowd with fresh and exclusive ideas. Only after translating 100 percent efforts into an idea that he allows it to go live, thereby ensuring success during the initial phase of the development.

Mr. Premayogan is a serial entrepreneur who embarked on his career voyage in 2009. He has various stints in a varied domain of the industries as well as in countries. He has developed abundant mobile games, applications; developed and managed websites for designing companies and advertising agencies throughout the USA, Canada, Mauritius, Turkey, and India. Presently, he owns a software firm, media agency, and advertising company which is active in providing various services nationally and internationally.

During his stints in these sectors and countries, he laid the foundation for networking which eventually garnered clients across the countries and built it up over time by making every possible effort. With thoughtful strategies and persistence, Mr. Premayogan brought more clients and the company grew multiple times.

Mr. Premayogan is an MBA graduate from Edith Cowan University, a Business Administration-Entrepreneurial from the Annamalai University, Bachelor of Computer Science from Bharathiar University and Bachelor of Science and another Bachelor’s degree.

“During the initial days, we made many mistakes like underquoting the project and then we were getting bankrupted. Onboarding best candidates and removing the underperforming candidates came next. Hiring was easy, but when it comes firing, we had a hard time. Financial plans were not made properly. Had cultural barriers where people were not ready to accept changes faster. When we plan to do A, there will be a twist in the story Z that will be popping up. Before trying to solve one problem other problems would arise. Every day is a new challenge and we are learning from those,” recalls Mr. Premayogan as a CEO’s biggest challenges on the road to success.

As of 2020, through the ups and downs, the firm has expanded its footprint in five countries.

Stellar Recognition

Pentoz was recognized as

  • ‘25 Best Technology Companies in India’ in March 2018
  • ‘25 Fastest Growing Website Development Startups in India’ in April 2018
  • ‘The 10 Great IT Outsourcing Partners in India’ in June 2018
  • ‘25 Emerging IT Enterprises in India’ in Dec 2018
  • ‘Top 25 Mobile Game Development Companies’ in August 2019
  • ‘The Best 15 Wearable App Developers’ in Jan 2019
  • ‘Top Chatbot App Development Companies 2019’ in Aug 2019
  • ‘Top 100 AR and VR development companies’ in Jan 2020
  • ‘Top 50 artificial intelligence developers in India’ in Jan 2020
  • ‘Top Cross-Platform App Developers’ in Jan 2020
  • ‘Top 50 Chatbot App Development Companies’ in Jan 2020
  • ‘Top app developers in the world’ in Jan 2020

Empowering Employees to Work Innovatively

Pentoz ensures that every employee it hires is self-motivated and hard working. The company proffers a fun-loving environment where the happiness index of each and every employee is monitored as the firm mentions what is expected of the employee forehand and a clear goal is assigned to the employee to enrich working habits and also empower employee for drastic growth. With a unique initiative, the company gives rewards based on the skills, work, consistency and overall contribution to the organization.

During this methodology, Pentoz builds a dedicated team of leaders that involve individuals with high levels of motivation, who are energetic and passionate about the work.

A Budding Future Landscape

Pentoz is creating robust solutions with the help of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Nano Technology, and Big Data. It is planning to be the ‘best innovative company’ by 2023 after the launch of the current projects which will propel the company to new heights. Pentoz is currently executing projects for Fortune companies and the R&D team is extensively engaged in creating solutions.

Pentoz is also seeking top talents in the industry to expand its team size to cross the threshold of 1000 by the end of 2020.

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