Heinrich – Jitendra Singh – BS 10 Most Trustworthy Companies to Watch 2020

Assuring Wellbeing with Top-Notched Products and Solutions

No matter the century or era, safety will always be a top priority. Without safety, hardly anything in the world can bloom and the fact had held water since ancient times. It simply does not matter which business you are operating in, the niche has always a need for safety especially from fire. From Small and Medium-size Enterprises to giant organizations, fire can bring the destruction of unprecedented scale. Numerous events have made it to headlines and to address the pressing issue, industries across the range of niches are coming up with novel ideas to counter the potential destruction from fire. Safeguarding people, as well as premises, are both priority and hence, several organizations are implementing, monitoring and rediscovering fire safety norms in case of fire outbreak. Today’s enhanced technological world is taking several measures to prevent altogether accidents and curb the risk levels to bring subsequent changes in the standards.

Heinrich is one of such companies which is a pioneer with a mission to achieve an enviable position in setting the leading standards in Life Safety and Automation through top quality products and services. It began with a vision to become the topmost provider in every market it serves and revolutionize the company on the 4 pillars of innovation, quality, prompt customer service, and timely delivery.

Assured Safe and Secure Environment

Originally, Heinrich hails from Germany and is a leading manufacturer of PA system, Music system, Audio Visual system, Nurse call system, CCTV system and IP based technology in Audio and Video and Fire Alarm systems Heinrich focus on Quality of product, development and swift response. Over the course of time, Heinrich has become a leading manufacturer of Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems, Passenger Information Display System, Flight Information Display System for Metro, Railways, and Airport, Video Surveillance Devices and Network Solutions has many reputed clients spread across all the five continents in the world. Heinrich was also the first to offer Voice over IP based Long Line PA systems using the open VIPA software architecture.

Heinrich is also proffering education and support to consultants and architects with help of technology and proven products about life safety measures in building and premises in case of fire, suggestions, and comments on how to save a life before and after an accident, procedure for evacuation in cases of emergencies.

The company serves all major industries with tailored and unique solutions which include Transportation, Aviation, Corporate Hospitals, Construction, Manufacturing, Production, etc. It focuses on the core elements of its products and hence, the company is scaling to new heights with a strong foundation of innovation and quality.

Exclusive Offerings

Current Products:

Heinrich is a leading manufacturer of sound system, PA system, IP based Audio technology, Nurse call system, emergency Light, CCTV system, Fire Alarm system, Audio Video system, etc. solution on product-based for Airport, Metro, Railways, highways, Smart city, Hospitals, Hotels, Corporate, malls any commercial buildings, Auditorium and live arenas.

 Up-coming Products:

IP based Nurse call system, IP based communication system, and IP based Fire alarm system, etc.

An Emblem of Excellence

Heinrich has received numerous awards and recognition for its services and products.

  • Fastest Growing Company in Global Market by EPG Awards 2017
  • Fire & Security Association of India (FSAI) awarded Heinrich

Driving the Success

Mr. Jitendra Singh – Managing Director of Heinrich is a man with a vision. He has taken the leadership of international marketing and sales. With more than 16 years of experience, he brings best practices in the industry and the company is growing multiple times under his aegis. “The market which is unorganized and unstable related to product and service in life safety as building safety is prime for the market but related to life is not so much aware,” says Mr. Jitendra as his biggest challenge.

“As you know the market scenario is changing year by year and we have already pre-planned to changing technology as per year by year as per market demand. The company is changing strategy every year as per the market and the perspective of the market is also changing as per the time and demand,” he adds further.

Future Landscape

With footprints all over the world including major countries like Germany, Hong Kong, North America, South America, Singapore, Dubai, Denmark, Turkey, France, Australia, and Switzerland, the company is aiming to become a top player in its niche and number one in innovation by designing products as per customer requirement.

For More Details: http://www.heinrichlimited.com/