Renascence Talent Solutions – BS 10 Most Valuable Brands to Watch 2020

Leading Specialist in Identifying Leadership and Top Talent Globally

Most of the businesses running around the globe are manufacturing hubs. They make products that sales well and leverage the world economy. Manufacturing the products is tough work. The amount of time and money goes into making the products is huge and so becomes imperative to garner the highest sales. This process makes selling as 2nd most available jobs in the market but the catch is, sales require sufficient and significant skill sets as it is listed among the top 5 most difficult jobs. 90% of the recruiters admit that finding sales talent is most difficult and hiring is usually based on the recruiter’s experience and the guts feeling. This often leads to failure which costs organizations time and money.

Renascence Talent came to light in 2016 to address this problem and merely in 2.5 years since the beginning, they served more than 55 clients around the world. Their field of working in Global Leadership and Sales hiring gained a reputation for being astute, well-networked agency globally. Their success rate has been a whooping of 96% only in 4 years, across 13 countries in providing their candidates a position in organizations located in APAC, North and South America, Europe, UK, and UAE. The talents they have positioned generates revenue of $3 million to $1 billion for the organizations annually.

Renascence launched a dedicated portal for Sales Talent in 2018 after studying a survey by which stated that 90% of hiring managers reported the challenges to recruit and hire sales professionals. LinkedIn also wrote on the topic claiming that 25.8% of founders found it difficult to hire a sales leader executive. To bridge the growing gap between 3500 software sales jobs on, with such similarities can be seen on sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, Renascence’s Sales Talent portal has come just in time. It is an exclusive portal for Sales Professionals.

They offer three services:

  • Executive Search: The business world is changing continuously because of technologies that are incorporated every day. Since the leadership roles are critical for any organization, Renascence does four/five assessments of the candidates to ensure the organizations find the right people for the right jobs. The valuation includes Sales skills, Right Attitude, Key Achievements, (Behavioral and Cultural Fitment) and Motivation to find the top talents in the industry.
  • The Sales Talent: The exclusive gateway they have launched in 2018 ensures the sales professional to establish a network globally. is a Cloud-based digital platform.
  • Assessments: They stress more on elements like the right attitude, personality, motivational and cultural fitment of the candidate rather than only on education, knowledge and skills. They do a 360-degree assessment of Leadership & Sales professionals based on the above criteria. A confident Leader should display the drive and result-oriented approach, which is key to achieve goals, Renascence understands this and strives to find the right person.

Renascence Talent Solutions was founded by Prasad Tataverty – Director, with a vision to be the most preferred partner of the clients in identifying Leadership and Sales Talent Globally. Prasad has worked both with Large MNC’s and Search Agencies heading P and L responsibilities and has experience of more than 17 years, working nationally as well as internationally, with organizations like HSBC, Balmer & Lawrie, ABC Consultants, Veritas Resource, and Tech Mahindra. He has graduated from IIM, Lucknow in Management.

TV5 channel nominated them for ‘Business Leaders Award’ in Telangana, Renascence gained this recognition within a year of its operation. In 2018, Yourstory covered their story for being a single segment organization in hiring for Leadership and Sales roles. Silicon India Magazine covered them for ‘20 most promising recruitment firms in 2018’ and recently they won the ‘APAC Insider Business Award 2019’ for their contribution in Global Leadership and Sales Hiring.

True to their mission to continually align themselves with the client’s business strategy and identify astute talent to help them achieve their organizational goals, Renascence’s next milestone is to cater 500 clients globally by 2025. They are looking forward to opening offices in the US, UK, Singapore and UAE in 2020 along with foreign collaborations to enter new markets. The prime focus would be on countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

They are relaunching their Sales Talent portal in 2020 and aim to provide the services in Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore by 2022.

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