Why India needs to wake up and Get Fit – Mr Roben Dass – KOOCHIE GLOBAL.

For centuries, the major threats to the health of all mankind has been epidemics, famine and physical injuries. Newer innovations help us battle these and increase the longevity of life. However, this led to an epidemic nobody saw coming. An epidemic that would have the largest impact on humankind in all of history. Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, respiratory and kidney diseases, and mental health issues have plagued the modern world for longer than we can fathom.

NCDs are the main cause of death and disability in India. They constitute seven of the top 10 causes of death. Increased life expectancy, increasing population, urbanization and changing lifestyles are the major factors of rising NCD burdens. The pace of change combined with a massive population makes the issue especially chronic for India.

The four largest contributors of NCDs are purely behavioral aspects: Tobacco use, Alcohol consumption, unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity. Public awareness & Early Detection are key to combat NCDs. While awareness on tobacco use and alcohol consumption is being created, importance of diets and physical activities has a long way to go in our country.

In its advent to help create safe, certified outdoor fitness gyms that are easily and freely accessible to the aam junta,  Koochie Global has made it their mission to spread awareness and catalyze infrastructure development by installing its world class outdoor gyms in hundreds of public parks across India and Bhutan. To augment this effort, the brand launched its #GetFitIndia Movement which has made huge waves in the recent past.

GetFitIndia is a movement launched two years ago where the brand has recruited professional fitness trainers and deployed them across various public parks where its outdoor gyms have been installed with the aim of training the public on how to use KOOCHIE GYM equipment more affectively besides also conducting free training classes on general fitness. These fitness camps have been attended by a few thousand people in the first two phases and many more such camps are scheduled to happen later this year. “We love pushing our goals further with every achievement, our brand has already commenced research and development on providing unique, affordable, health and wellness solutions that will further add immense value to the public using our outdoor gyms” said Mr Roben Dass, Chairman & Managing Director of KOOCHIE GLOBAL.

Fitness is not only applicable for adults; it must also be integrated into children’s lifestyles. Children must spend time in a sport or participate in activities that maintain their health and fitness levels.

The fact that we get outdoors, remain active and encourage these practices for our children early on is crucial. It is up to all of us to ensure that the coming generations will not be vulnerable to the situations we are in now.

All of us need to be ambassadors for improved health & wellbeing and join the GetFit India movement.