XIPHIAS Immigration – Varun Singh – BS 10 Most Trustworthy Companies to Watch 2020

A Pioneer in Immigration, Residency, Citizenship, and Global Resettlement

XIPHIAS Immigration is a one-stop destination solution provider for all immigration needs. Conceived in the year, 2009, with a mission to continuously exceed expectations of trusted clients and deliver premier, a personalized advisory experience that is simple and results in empowering the clients and their families, XIPHIAS believes in building a life-long relationship with its clients. XIPHIAS brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table which help the clients and therefore the company trended strong relationships with powerhouses across the globe in countries like Canada, UK, Australia, the USA, New Zealand etc. XIPHIAS Immigration has its offices located strategically in various prime cities of India and Dubai.

XIPHIAS Immigration is officially recognized by ICCRC, Canada and MARA, Australia. The company has partnered with numerous attorneys and lawmakers which has helped the agency with a variety of processes to understand and employ best tactics in lawmakers’ respective countries.

XIPHIAS Immigration is the fastest growing Immigration Company in Asia and has offices in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, UAE, and India. The only Indian company with thousands of global clients and experience in immigration.

Fascinating Journey

XIPHIAS Immigration is a brainchild of Mr. Varun Singh – CEO and Managing Director. In 2008, during his final year of MBA, he came up with the idea of providing immigration services to all those individuals looking to relocate or migrate to the country of choice. A year later, XIPHIAS Immigration was born to augment reality and translated into providing B2B services. However, by the end of the year, XIPHIAS Immigration began offering B2C services.

Over the years the company has grown and retains a team that efficiently tackles any immigration query with expertise and addresses all the requirements from the client. A decade later, XIPHIAS Immigration today has its operations in Bangalore, Kochi, Pune, Mumbai, and Dubai.

XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the top immigration firms in India.

Holistic Offering

XIPHIAS Immigration provides services for corporations to help them address their travel and immigration needs while also addressing the legal processes that need to have complied within any country worldwide. XIPHIAS Immigration provides investment immigration solutions to High Net worth Individuals looking for cross border property or business investments. It also provides immigration solutions to skilled professionals looking to migrate to various countries with a penchant to learn and grow. By employing a simple but effective strategy, the firm addresses the requirement of their clients which in turn builds a lasting relationship with clients.

Due to the illegalities in the immigration process occurring around, many innocent individuals are misguided by the promises of such immigration firms which leads to huge financial, social as well as economic losses. XIPHIAS Immigration goes a step further and educates the general public about correct ways, policies, and methods. The firm also conducts frequent seminars to bring awareness in the eyes of the general public.

Not only does it provide clients with in-house language proficiency tests and other mandatory exams but also, they maintain confidentiality and protect their clients’ personal information. XIPHIAS Immigration, as part of its services, provides immigration solutions to students and refugees to a few selected countries.

Exceptional Leadership

Mr. Varun Singh had begun with a vision to provide uninterrupted ethical affordable immigration services to all those individuals wanting to realize their dream to relocate to countries where they can fulfill their ambitions and aspirations. He quickly garnered a large and credible customer base and supported the cause of thousands of individuals. The team he has built over the years is friendly and believes in a family sort of bonding with every client. “Challenges have been many. During the initial years, all we were was a naïve team of 3 trying to comprehend the field which we have entered. Now, we have a 100 plus team who are efficient in handling investment immigrations, skilled professionals’ immigrations and Corporates,” says Mr. Varun.

“Positive Competition is always good. We welcome it. However, there are many illegal players in this field misleading Governments and Individuals. That is a major roadblock for us.  Due to their malpractices, country and people are at loss. We try to provide the right kind of education for the general public to help them gain knowledge about immigration,” he adds further.

Future Prospect

The company is building its strength and for 2020, XIPHIAS Immigration is set to become the best investment immigration solution provider in the country.

For More Details: https://www.xiphiasimmigration.com/