Why customer experience is important ?

E-commerce sales are growing year on year, as are the number of e-commerce businesses in each industry and the world of online marketing is rapidly changing and becoming more complex. E-commerce shopping has changed the retail landscape as more and more consumers are looking for convenience, variety, and competitive pricing while consumers are faced with temptation from their competitors every day, many of whom offer a similar user-experience to your own site. Technology advances and newer platforms rise in an infinite possible way allowing people to interact online differently each time leading to the closure of many physical locations and the trend will only grow with time. And once consumers are on your website, they might also realize that there is relatively little difference between your products/prices against those of your competitors, while their expectations for customer experience continue to rise. The online e-commerce experience is where you can make a lot of difference from your potential peers and garner more sales.

There are various ways to creatively improve e-commerce customer experience that will generally increase customer loyalty and ultimately your profits as providing an excellent e-commerce customer experience is not only helpful for business, it’s a necessity. But what is Customer Experience? It simply refers to how a brand manages to engage its customers across the internet. It is a perception of how a company interacts with customers and how customers, in turn, interact with the company. these interactions will build brand image and encourage loyalty. Offer pleasant customer experience for better revenue generation and a large loyal customer base.

The first thing you can do is a friendly website as customers want an easy-to-navigate interface that allows them to browse your products and find exactly what they need. Online shoppers fall under three different categories based on an individual’s expectations, intentions and needs and that is why the online store should be organized by categories, just like a physical store is. If done correctly, shoppers who know exactly what they want will go directly to the product search bar and a good search feature allows all customer types to get their needs met.

Allowing your customers to have customized experience can improve how you do business online as everyone likes to be made to feel special and no one likes to waste time sifting through content that is not relevant to them. Content, product offers, and even ads should be relevant to the user or they will get frustrated because 48% of consumers surveyed said that they have left a website after receiving a poorly curated experience. Use real-time info like location or product-browsing history to give users offers, or make recommendations based on purchases by similar customers or their feedback in surveys since it is important that you include a clear call to action that leads them to a page, which they are able to relate. Employing such strategies will increase revenue as there are many proofs adopted by brands and they have said that there was an increase of 93 percent in their revenue.

Another method is customer reviews. Reviews are great ways to inform potential customers what items sell best and are of good performance and quality and use a compelling product page which must have a descriptive copy, captivating visuals, and clear navigation. Potential customers read reviews a lot and it can assist the buying process making it easier and more convenient to decide, as your value proposition includes pricing, a product description, and photos of the product in use.