Trevor Mifsud (Vcloud Group) – BS Best Performing CEO to Watch in 2020

Cloud Computing Solutions across the length and breadth of the Globe

Cloud Computing is basically the delivery of on-demand computing services which includes applications, storage, and processing. The IT operations are relying more and more on Cloud Computing nowadays. Services such as Gmail, Cloud back up photos, Netflix, Dropbox, etc. are some of the examples of Cloud Computing. The important feature of Cloud Computing is the flexibility to access the data at anytime and anywhere in the world. It offers the freedom to employees and empowers them to work from remote places with the only help of a device and internet. Cloud Computing is gaining traction in the internet ecosystem and vCloud Group is a computing specialist company that offers innovative solutions to the clients. Whether it’s a computer network, home theatre, software development, security systems or hosting services, vCloud Group brings the cloud concept to every aspect utilized by companies today.

Emblem of Excellence

Based in Melbourne, Australia, vCloud Group has a sound understanding of cloud architecture and thereby, it proffers services that help organizations in transition to cloud-based services. The company has increased the number of quality-driven networks which have solved the connectivity problems. This strong network helps an organization to seamlessly garner connectivity which is often an issue when firms shift to the cloud system.

vCloud Group is more than just different strands within the cloud computing domain. It believes that the cloud concept can be adapted to all areas of business with the correct use of technology. Cloud computing goes beyond putting the data or server in the cloud. The company owns and operates its own data center located in Melbourne, Australia and hence, the vCloud Group is the solution itself, unlike any other company which just resells other companies’ solutions. Because the company does not outsource any of its services the customers can manage and modify their cloud infrastructure and also, the company has its own backend network, exchange services, and PBX data center, hence it offers instant support to the clients. This translates to uninterrupted connectivity, seamless workflow, and access to the most advanced and effective cloud technology solutions.

Today the company enjoys long term association with more than 20 companies across Australia as vCloud Group never compromises with business processes and communications.

Shaping the Footprints

“20 years ago, I started off as a software developer, something I still do very much of inside my own company, with an idea for all my source code to stay and reside in one place and have the ability to work from anywhere. Having worked closely in the data center world over the last 20 years, I knew I wanted to build a data center and I wanted to help companies move their data into the cloud and store all their information in the one place,” says Mr. Trevor Mifsud – CEO and Founder of vCloud Group. Mr. Trevor has experience of more than 30 years in the IT industry. He is also the founder of managed services provider, Associated Computer Engineers (ACEIT).

Mr. Trevor’s core focus areas on being the CEO:

  • Building strong positive business relationships with both clientele and business partners
  • Ensure that R&D is always at the forefront of the vCloud Group
  • Forge a new pathway to what cloud computing maybe
  • Take cloud computing to different mainstreams and areas of business

Mr. Trevor had been running his consulting business for the last 20 years. While shifting to the new business – vCloud Group, he communicated with numerous existing customers and discovered that the clients disliked the amount of handballing they faced by dealing with multiple IT companies and service providers. This discovery led him to incorporate new services and offer more in-house products to provide customers with hassle-free services. “Great example of this was working with wholesale partners to resell internet services, learn how to build, setup and configure phone systems, and provide private WAN solutions ideal removing the requirement for telecommunication providers and being the providers ourselves,” cites Mr. Trevor.

“We want to bring Cloud Computing to every corner of the world and give everyone the same ability to access their information from anywhere, anytime with no geographical boundaries,” proclaims Mr. Trevor.

Future Landscape

Cloud services are undoubtedly the future of computing and while vCloud Group has a stronghold in the domain, the firm is now emphasizing the R&D to become a more innovative and unique solution provider on the global front. The company is looking to empower the clients by developing technological solutions that do not restrict the clients to any specific field and hence, garner clients from the spectrum of the industries.

Last year, vCloud Group expanded its territory overseas to work with IBM Cloud and Fusion Broadband to enable and set up cloud services in IBM Cloud’s Hong Kong data-center for the Asia Pacific region. This year, vCloud Group will be augmenting its presence and will be expanding into Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom to further its global footprint as a cloud computing platform.

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