Month: September 2020

Improving Digital Commerce Conversions through Intelligent Test Automation

“Put yourselves in the customer’s shoes” is popular in the selling world. This holds true for the Digital Commerce space […]

Impact of COVID on Knowledge Process Offshoring (KPO) Industry in India

The worldwide outbreak of the COVID virus has pushed everyone to their limits without doubt and the KPO industry is […]

How waste management has witnessed a healthy growth rate?

Waste management has witnessed a healthy growth rate in the last few years owing to a greater spread of awareness […]


“Technology stands still for no one. From fire to electricity to digital, the sparks of innovation continue to fly” Emerging […]

Nicole Rodrigues (NRPR Group) – Business Sight’s Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2020

An Award-Winning Marketing Machine Serving as a Disruptor with a Focus on Public Relations While we may live in an […]