Month: June 2021

Abhay Tripathi (Gulachi Engineers)

A Specialist with Extensive Expertise & Profound Domain Knowledge in Non-Destructive Testing Services Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a method employed […]

Mr. Daniele Ferretti (Ferretti Firm)

Throughout history, countries had systematic laws to govern their citizens. The modern era is no exception to this fact. Because […]

Maz Pawar (SA Capital Partners) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs 2021

Proffering the Most Innovative Financial Services Advancing technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the way business is conducted. […]

Khris Thayer (Optizmo Technologies) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs 2021

The Foundation of the Company Khris Thayer launched OPTIZMO Technologies in 2009 with co-founder Grant Fern. From its inception, the […]

Bruce Magown (InterWeave Smart Solutions) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs 2021

Connecting CRM, Financial Services, & Payment Processors to the Cloud  The Cloud has been making big waves in the industry […]

Martin Hubert (Freightgate) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs 2021

Connecting Global Supply Chain with a World-Class Logistics Cloud Solution Impacts of the Covid19 pandemic can be witnessed in every […]

Top 20 Video Games in the world 2021

Virtual games or video games have always been a fild or a platform of fun and fascination for people of […]

Incorporation of technology in healthcare

The advances in technology impact different sectors and such are the case for the healthcare industry as there are material […]

Cover Story, Markus Heitkotter, Founder (Rockwell Trading) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs 2021

Markus Heitkotter is the founder of Rockwell Trading and veteran in the trading industry. With over 25+ years of “boots […]