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Sam Khashman, President & CEO ( ImagineSoftware )

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As the world keeps progressing towards automation, more companies are inclined to incorporate automation in their strategy. With the latest technology making big waves and disrupting almost every sector across industries, the medical field is also affected by the disturbance. To stay ahead in the medical industry, businesses need to embrace the changes and swiftly incorporate these technologies to automate their workflow. ImagineSoftware is one such company that is bringing disruption in the automating billing and revenue cycle management for practices niche.


BS Best Performing CEO to Watch in 2020

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Christopher Carter is the Founder and CEO of an IT company named Approyo, having over three decades of experience in the SAP industry, he is a force to be reckoned with. Chris works with businesses around the globe and assists them in usage of big data in the forms of Hadoop (Cloudera and Hortonworks) and SAP HANA.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most discussed topic which is making big waves in the industry. The AI is bringing disruption in every niche. Slowly and steadily, it is gaining presence and will soon automate most of the mundane activities an organization goes through, enabling the firm to focus on core points that will help an organization to grow and expand its reach.

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Vcloud Group

Cloud Computing is basically the delivery of on-demand computing services which includes applications, storage, and processing. The IT operations are relying more and more on Cloud Computing nowadays. Services such as Gmail, Cloud back up photos, Netflix, Dropbox, etc. are some of the examples of Cloud Computing.

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Cash Flow Management During Crisis

The crisis is a natural part of living and today, businesses around the globe are witnessing crisis amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Decreased sales threaten all businesses, but small businesses are particularly vulnerable as they often don't have the reserves to help them weather difficult times such as today where there is a lot of news about monetary problems and how they affect the smooth operation of the business.

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7 Traits That You Might Be Extraordinary Leader

How to become one of the most successful leaders ever? Most people keep asking themselves this question and the thing about the question is that, it does not have a single concrete answer. By employing various techniques, you can easily scale the level of top executives and lead yourself and your team in a new direction.

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How CEO's Become Best in Their Niche ?

Gone are the days when a job in a big company was the highest aspiration, even if you're not ready to actually start your business yet, you can do a lot as millennials are an entrepreneur generation. Like other millennials, you too want to soar across the sky with your big dreams. These activities will boost your chances of start-up success down the road and nothing should stop you from you and your hunger for success.

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Trends For CEO's

There are so many CEOs and business leaders can do to prepare for the next decade as corporate boards should brace for the increasing impact of digital migration, artificial intelligence (AI), and cultural shifts on their companies. Below are the trends which are predicted by top CEOs. The emerging technology advances pose great changes in how businesses can attract customers and retain the people in their business.