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Vishvesh Thakor, Proprietor (VK Computers)

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VK Computer

VK Computer delivers computer equipment on rent to various clients, and has established itself in the industry for its competitive prices and ability to deliver within the shortest of time frames. Since its inception, the organization believes in the policy of “service first”, establishing a strong relationship with its clients. In today’s Age of Technology, the world is changing exponentially. The rate of acceleration is beyond imaginable, and humankind is making progress at an unprecedented rate. It was in 2001 that Ray Kurzweil, a director at Google, argued that it would be difficult to visualize our own future due to the rapid rate of acceleration.

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Letstrack Pvt. Ltd

“The safety of the people shall
be the highest law”, declared Cicero, the Roman statesman.

Although he said this more than 2000 years ago, “safety first” has always been significant for humanity. In fact, safety and security is regarded as a human right, and there is a constant desire among people to achieve this state of being.

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Swamy Tech

The last two centuries have seen constant technological progress at an unprecedented rate. This is truer for the current decade, where new technologies have taken the industry by storm. One such advancement has been 3D printing, making it possible to convert deigns and ideas into tangible, three dimensional objects.

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Veloxtech Solutions

The tech industry has several demands that require specialists to solve them. Many a times, organizations come across obstacles that cannot be overcome through in-house services. Specialized consultancy services are required from the outside to streamline an organization’s operations.

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Automate IT

Business operations principally encounter two key challenges: 1) Unexpected Surprises and 2) Repeated and manual processes.Automate IT precisely addresses these challenges with a vision to provide top-end solutions for ‘Proactive’ and ‘Automated’ management of Business Processes and IT Operations.

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Data is fast emerging as a new economy. Recently, along with the globe, India has seen an increasing string of cyberattacks, cybercrimes and data thefts. Personal bank accounts have been hacked using SIM card information. Banks have been siphoned off cores of rupees in minutes.Skimming devices have been used in ATM to steal details of debit card holders. Popular celebrity sites have been defaced with hate messages.

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Taking Challenges and Conceptualizing Innovations

Converged infrastructure technology is now widely used to integrate the various components of an IT infrastructure including servers, storage units, network orchestration and virtualization, software management and network functions. The data center ecosystem is witnessing more disruptive technology implementations along with fueling innovation in data center landscape as data center customers look to reduce cost incurred on increased compute and storage requirements.