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VK Computer delivers computer equipment on rent to various clients, and has established itself in the industry for its competitive prices and ability to deliver within the shortest of time frames. Since its inception, the organization believes in the policy of “service first”, establishing a strong relationship with its clients.

Answering a Need

In today’s Age of Technology, the world is changing exponentially. The rate of acceleration is beyond imaginable, and humankind is making progress at an unprecedented rate. It was in 2001 that Ray Kurzweil, a director at Google, argued that it would be difficult to visualize our own future due to the rapid rate of acceleration. In his own words, Kurzweil stated, the 21st century will “be more like 20,000 years of progress”, not just 100. Although this argument was made in the beginning of this century, two decades later, the statement holds even more weight. Changes in the field of technology especially, are rapid. Recent trends in the IT sector include the Internet of Things, VR, AR and more which were unheard of some years ago. Trends are changing so rapidly that the moment a new development takes place, work has already begun to make it bigger and better.

This consistency in innovation and discovery is highly beneficial for industries to improve their products and services. However, when the backbone of an organization is never steady, it could very easily cause the organization to falter. When technology becomes obsolete within a year or two, the cost to the parent company increases exponentially, leading to losses and severe failure of capital investment.

It was in 1999 that VK Computer began its unique journey and forayed into the tech industry. Even though these were early days, the organization had great foresight in predicting the course of the industry. It has successfully taken up the niche spot of becoming a highly trusted service provider, not just offering the best services in technology, but also minimizing cash outflow for clients.

Area of Expertise

VK Computer has built a name for itself through the niche and quality services it provides. It primarily offers updated and new computer equipment to clients on a rental basis, be it for a day, or for a year or more. The firm has the largest inventory of laptops & computer in the city of Mumbai, and demands of thousands of laptops & computer can be met with within a day’s time. All efforts are made by the firm to cater to the client’s demands and customizations, and VK Computer is known for consistently living up to their promises. The organization specializes in higher end products like workstations, rendering machines, graphic cards and more.

The services offered include:

  • Desktop rental solutions – from dual core to high end dual monitors with enabled graphics
  • Laptops on rent
  • Apple products – a unique service that caters to editing studios, architecture firms, design and sound studios and more
  • Workstation rentals
  • Customizable Render blade on rent
  • Projector and screen rental

Work Culture

VK Computer is supported by a strong team of professionals who are highly skilled. Communication is key, both within the organization and with clients. This enables team members to precisely understand their clients’ demands and deliver the services accordingly. Work flow is therefore smooth and any discrepancy is dealt with through easy and positive communication.

A culture of excellence and meritocracy has been inculcated in the organization since its inception. Employees know that clients are promised nothing less than the best, and are fully prepared to live up to this standard. As proprietor Vishvesh Thakor states, “We hold ourselves accountable if we fail to deliver our vision. Our company does not settle for less from our suppliers, nor should the customers from us.” This professional and dedicated work ethic is what has set VK Computer apart from its competitors.

Diligent Leadership

Mr. Vishvesh Thakor has demonstrated great foresight and leadership in building his company. Although he started from scratch as a small business, he has now made VK Computer the largest provider of computers and laptops in Mumbai. Not just in terms of numbers, but also with regard to standard, he has always pushed the bar. His policy has been “customer satisfaction comes first”, and the success of his firm is a testament to how it has lived up to this policy. It is through his diligence that the organization has maintained a level of excellence. Remarking on this commitment, Vishvesh states, “Our customers are entitled to receive the best from a professional organization”, and he will always strive for it.

Although VK Computer had initially started its business in sales, it was soon driven towards rental services under the supervision of Vishvesh Thakor. This development was studied and well researched, and has been the key to progress for the organization. While owning technology may seem like the better option, VK Computer has realized that the true value to its clients lay in renting computer equipment, not in sales. This may come across as counter-intuitive, but by offering rental services, the organization has now added great value to themselves by offering additional benefits to clients that wouldn’t have been possible any other way.

Rapid changes in technology implies that there is great risk in its becoming obsolete. If a firm purchases technology, it is engaging in a huge risk it terms of whether this technology will be useful or obsolete in the years to come. Renting equipment also minimizes the cost of ownership and disposal, cash flow is controlled through regular and fixed payments, offers tax benefits, along with assets being regarded as an operating expense. Technology based asset risk is therefore easily managed.

It is due to the leadership and guidance of Vishvesh Thakor that the company has grown to realize around 30% revenue growth per year.

Emerging as Leaders

VK Computer is emerging as a force to reckon with in the industry. Key partnerships and collaborations have seen the organization rise to the top. It boasts of a retention rate of over 96% with its esteemed clientele. Red Chilies Entertainment, Contilo Pictures, Yashraj Studio and other VFX, design, and animation studios, call centers and start-ups have been trusted collaborators.

Additional Services

Apart from computer rentals, VK Computer has developed high standards in customer support services as well. Remote support through telephones and email is possible, along with onsite support through residence engineers, who have great expertise in their field and can troubleshoot and help clients.

The unique selling point of the organization is also its warranty solutions. Every product rented out by the organization to its client is under a three year warranty period. After the completion of these three years, VK Computer also replaces every product with a new one, according to the clients’ needs. This ensures that the technology shared with clients is never obsolete, rather it is updated as much as possible and the innumerable costs to the client is considerably reduced. As Mr Vishvesh states, “We provide only new machines for three years and replace it post that to offer a seamless experience”.

Additionally, VK Computer also performs the task of trading unwanted computer equipment on behalf of clients. Demo machines are also offered to enable clients to upgrade their technology and improve performance. Maintaining ethical standards, only licensed software is provided through the company’s tie-up with Microsoft.

In the Coming Years

The organization, after making a trusted name for itself in Mumbai is now branching out to other cities in India, such as Kolkata and Bhubaneswar and intends to work at the pan India level. The organization also intends to establish investment partners and expand its services in the near future. Having built a firm base in the last 20 years of its operation, VK Computer is estimated to reach $350 billion by 2025, making it one of the most successful providers in computers and more. As India develops further as an IT hub, the organization is expected to see a bright future.

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