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Romain Gerardin-Fresse (Founder , GFK Conseils Juridis )

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GFK Conseils Juridis

Founded in the year 2017, GFK Conseils-Juridis is a firm whose main paradigm is the protection of their client’s interest and the role results from consideration of everyone’s strengths and difficulties in their broadest definition so that none of the aspects is neglected. The firm has spanned its branches in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Asia and specializes in business law and corporate strategies. The firm is not only the bulwark against possible external aggressions and resolves their disputes but is also the thinker of the archetype of their strategies. They aim to be the true guarantor of the security of their assets and solve the problems their clients face.

Business Sight's 10 Outstanding Companies to Watch in Sep 2021

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Aglaia Capital

Aglaia Capital surge as an expression of the view of its Founder, Ángela Álvarez, on the industry where she has developed her professional career, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Investment Banking.

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Risk management is an integral part of the supply chain. This activity involves process improvement, forming strategic alliances, and developing suppliers. It is essential to address the right risks with the right strategies.

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Caspian Agency

An entirely self-made “girl from Idaho,” Heather Mason founded Caspian Agency in 2005, intent on bringing a scientifically-based strategic discipline to white-glove event planning.

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Knowledge Hub Media

It’s always an interesting journey. Our clients are all very unique – even if they do generally reside in the B2B technology sector. Each client has a specific solution, or group of products, that is targeted to a very specific audience.

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Prodoge is a non-custodial crypto currency wallet for sending payments & doing business.  Businesses can get started with Prodoge in under 5 minutes and immediately send or receive global payments, promote their products & services for sale, and buy, sell, or exchange crypto currencies.

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A Guide to Walmart Dropshipping Services

Walmart Inc. is an American global retail partnership that works a sequence of hypermarkets, markdown retail chains and supermarkets from the U.S settled inBentonville, Arkansas.

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The 10 Best Netflix Series and Shows Must Watch Right Now

A journey for an awesome show or film consistently finishes in Netflix. Going from numerous kinds and shows, films and dramatizations, Netflix has got everything.

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What is cloud computing and its trend in 2021?

The act of utilizing an organization of distant workers facilitated on the web to store, oversee, and measure information, as opposed to a neighborhood worker or a PC is known as Cloud computing.