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The emergence of 3PL, 4PL, and 5PL in logistics

The rise of e-commerce has made a significant contribution to the logistics. Logistics is an organization responsible for carrying out […]

Pros of 5G network in the media and entertainment industry

Since Internet has invaded the media and entertainment industry, there has been a proliferation of streaming video platforms, games, online […]

mHealth for better health

Schedules these days are jampacked with appointments and meetings, leaving no space to breathe let alone going for minor discomfort […]

How Virtual Reality will change the classrooms

Virtual Reality is the new kid who is coolest and got all the tricks to impress everyone. What was quite […]

Cloud computing and its uses

Keeping files on a proprietary hard drive or local storage device is the thing of the past. With Cloud-based storage […]

What is blockchain and how it works

With the rise of computers and technology, ascertaining transactions are real or fake has become a nuisance. As the entries […]

The Gaming Evolution

Gaming today is a recognized as a part of our culture. But other than the millennial’s, many people remember a time before gaming, and also before

How Netflix liberates writers

Netflix has been killing the television production landscape massively. This applies to the creative people, especially writers. The model of Netflix…

Why Manufacturers Should Stop Ignoring Social Media

Social media marketing appears irrelevant to most companies in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers who want to move their organizations…

Internet of Things and Digitization of Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is leading in the Internet of Things for many reasons in today’s time. There are the many uses of IoT that offer rapid …

The Potential for Telehealth: Care is Coming Home

The pace of innovation has been affecting modern society like never before. Technology is sweeping changes whereas challenges and opportunities…