FAVORIOT- Building relationships through optimum IoT solutions

The breakthrough changes in technology have metamorphosed businesses. Companies today seek to digitally transform their business operations for instant visibility, collaboration, and communication. No service exists which does not make use of technology in one or the other way, be it finance, healthcare or Travel. The world has suddenly become a smaller place to live, and IoT, with its agile solutions, has made all processes convenient and straightforward.

FAVORIOT is into a similar business of offering IoT solutions to the enterprise of all sizes, SMEs and Startups. The company in itself is a startup and launched its operations two years back in 2017. The company is ardent to provide highly innovative solutions that satisfy the need of its client and establish a long term relationship with them. FAVORIOT products are highly innovative and equipped with advanced technology in the Internet of Things.

FAVORIOT is known among its clients as a company for its prompt response to client’s demands both in terms of product offering and its business model. The company has built a secure IoT ecosystem for seamless customer experience across the entire value chain. The company’s expertise lies in IoT platform or middleware that allows sensors with different connectivity protocols to be connected on a single platform. It also allows IoT software developers to create their solutions using the APIs provided.
IoT is complex, and there are numerous services attached with a single product; therefore it is not feasible for an only company to offer the entire range of IoT services. Looking into the complexity that comes with IoT, FAVORIOT has kept its product line simple yet innovative to exceed customer’s expectations. FAVORIOT encourages the growth of an IoT ecosystem and helps others to develop their IoT products quickly without investing or developing their own IoT platform.

Being an early IoT player in Malaysia gives FAVORIOT the presence, brand, and trust in providing advice and become a partner in delivering IoT solutions. FAVORIOT offered IoT solutions to more than 20 Universities and companies as their teaching and R&D, and within a short span of two years, there is a 700% upsurge in the number of platform users from over 25 countries.

RAQIB is a successful product launched by FAVORIOT; it is a solution that will help the family members monitor the elderly parents who are staying home alone. The idea behind the product is to solve the problem of the upcoming aging population issues worldwide. The elderly need to wear smart wearable equipment that sends their health vital signs and location to a mobile application. Geo-fencing is activated to ensure alerts are notified to their children, especially for the dementia persons.

Later, the company expanded the RAQIB service to Hajj Authorities and Travel Agencies to monitor their Hajj pilgrims during their pilgrimage. Here, the objective is to provide peace of mind to the related authorities and the family members in case there are missing pilgrims. The service offers the family members of pilgrims with near real-time location of their whereabouts.

Through RAQIB, the company also extended its services to Travel Tour Agents to monitor their travelers, hospitals to monitor their remote patients and employers to ensure their staff safety.

FAVORSENSE, yet another solution from FAVORIOT is a crowd sensing platform that allows citizens or organizations to make incident reports easily through a mobile application. The report can be quickly and effectively handled by the relevant authorities later. With FAVORSENSE, the authorities will be seen as more proactive, collaborative, engaged and transparent in managing their customers. All incidents or reports will be geo-tagged and finding the location will be accessible by the field-force or contractors.

CEO, Dr. Mazlan Abbas has more than 30 years of experience in the academia, government R&D agency and telco industry. It is his rich and diverse experience that helped him to flow from the job world onto a journey of entrepreneurship. The experience that he gained from working for different sectors helped him gain considerable knowledge of the intricacies involved in various industry domains. Through IoT solutions that are being offered by FAVORIOT, he dreams of touching every aspect of life with technology, therefore, making lives of human beings modern yet straightforward.

From academics to SMEs, Travel Agencies and public, FAVORIOT has served almost all industry verticals. The company is optimistic about a successful future and is actively seeking investors and partners for further market expansion beyond Malaysian shores to become a global player.