iMD Health Global: Striving to improve patient’s experience

With the advent of the internet and digital technologies, patients have become more aware. As per a survey, 86% of patients conduct a health search before an appointment; it indicates the awareness level before trusting a healthcare practitioner with correct diagnosis and treatment. With digitization, the patients too expect a technology-driven solution for their illness, something which they do not have to carry in prints or remember for later purpose.

Therefore, the CEO, also a serial entrepreneur for the past 25 years, recognized the opportunity to deliver clinician-patient conversation at the patient’s doorstep to create better health literacy and conceived the idea of iMD Health Global. The idea has always been to create an award-winning platform and to offer customized solutions to patients so that they have more trust in the entire healthcare ecosystem.

iMD Health Global is the largest digital patient education platform in Canada.  Used by clinicians (doctors, specialists, nurses, and pharmacists), at the point where they meet their patients, iMD is a dedicated platform with an objective to educate patients on their medical condition and treatments.  The company adopted a rigorous use of technology and emails all content to the patients which they can read at the comfort of their homes. They do not have to remember the advice and the treatment plan given by the doctor; instead, everything shall be presented to them in digitized format to read later.

iMD Health Global empowers clinicians with trusted, vetted content (over 50,000 images, brochures, and videos) to enable them to have more trusted conversations and dramatically improving the patient experience. iMD is comprised of 3 distinct, cohesive teams: UE (User Engagement), PE (Product Engineering) and CE (Client Experience).   It is a web-based application, optimized for any internet connected device (android, ios, mouse or touch driven) and a full stack dev shop which makes use of ruby on rails, Ember, elastic search.

The iMD platform in used at doctors’ clinics (public and private), pharmacy stores, infusion clinics, hospitals and by home healthcare teams.  iMD’s customers include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies (i.e. Pfizer, Merck, Novartis, Takeda, Lilly, Apotex,etc.)
  • Pharmacy Chains (McKesson, Costco Pharmacy, Lovell Drugs)
  • Hospitals (over 100 of them)
  • Infusion Clinics: Innomar-Strategies (by: AmerasourceBergen)


Some facts about the iMD Health Global platform:

  • Consultative platform designed to make complex topic easy to understand
  • Intuitive user interface guides patients on their recovery journey
  • All information can be securely and privately emailed
  • Thousands of patients’ resources from over 50 health organizations
  • Engage patients on a deeper level, get them talking about their health
  • Optimized patient flow designed to save the clinician time
  • Accessible on any device
  • Access eLearning opportunities or complete paid surveys
  • iMD creates a customized network for customers and can upload their resource materials at the clinic level



Patient Education: Enhancing their health literacy to improve their understanding and adhering to the treatment therapy, improving their health outcome.

Clinician Learning: To enhance the clinician understanding of the condition and treatment therapy.

Patient Support Programs: A national network to engage patients while receiving their infusions in the clinic or a home consultation.

Trusted content: Over 50 trusted health associations in one platform, saves significant search time, and showcases only trusted content

Surveys/Research: Engage feedback from clinicians and patient during consultation or pre-post visit via email surveys

iMD Global is a trusted company where the focus is always on the customer’s needs; including a customized to the specific clinic/location, providing a seamless and reliable solution to the patients. The iMD  Health Platform is powered by a robust CMS (Content Management System) that seamlessly manages customers and other users and provides deep analytics as to how the platform and the content are being used.

Some of the company’s biggest projects include: building national, multi-language customized networks for pharmacy chain (McKesson), Infusion Clinics (AmerisourceBergen) and integrating the MAYO Clinic educational library via API’s.   All these ambitious projects were delivered successfully by the expert team at iMD Health Global who understand regional clinical differences and adapt their technical languages to fit within the iMD tech language.

iMD Health Global operates professionally and follows a process that yields maximum ROI. The company follows the below-mentioned process:

  • a detailed marketing strategy to market the company’s platform to the various clinicians, by area of discipline.
  • The company works with its medical advisory board to ensure the best/right medical content is procured and located in the appropriate medical area within the platform.
  • iMD works with product and service manufactures to bring their branded content into the platform so clinicians can better understand them and be able to communicate with their patients .

iMD Health Global is committed to significantly improve the clinician and patient experiences by providing access to credible, trusted content. The company is set to scale new heights soon with its robust approach and customized solutions to bring a revolutionary change in the healthcare ecosystem.

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