Celebrate Zindagi – Inspiring Lives

A healthy mind in a healthy body is an age-old saying and still holds in every sense. Professional success can only be achieved if you own a body which is disease-free and supports your professional goals and not in any way detrimental to your goal.

Looking at the alarming number of the heart fails and other chronic diseases that are commonly found in professionals at all levels and all ages, Health Crusaders, a Health & Wellness Company, designed Celebrate Zindagi to prevent any early onset of lifestyle diseases in Corporates. Established with the primary objective of helping people live a healthy life along with enjoying their professional burden, Celebrate Zindagi inspires people to live a life that is healthy and to execute a perfect work-life balance.

Celebrate Zindagi is a comprehensive and guided healing program for reconnecting with your body through breath and mind. It helps to use the body –breath- mind connection to support health and well-being. It offers a scientific, structured, and evidence-based wellness program catering to individual needs. It offers programs for large and mid-size corporate groups with its comprehensive offerings calling for human interactions to ensure healthy, happy, and productive work environment.

The most significant unique selling proposition of the company is its early identification of the disease and offering customized programs to combat its effects and make the person feel healthy again. It works on the principle of prevention is better than cure and performs its diagnosis with full commitment to finding what is wrong in a person’s body that is not letting him/her utilize his/her full potential. Celebrate Zindagi not only caters to the physical well being of people but also pay utmost attention to the mental well-being and prescribe a change in lifestyle as per the mental well-being of an individual.

The company offers its services at the client’s doorsteps rendering it through a two stage-structured program that carries out screening for health biomarkers followed by reversing onset of Lifestyle diseases. The unique screening Program detects the early signs of aging arteries. The journey from Health to Disease begins with aging arteries. This Corporate onsite screening is carried out using a device called Angiodefender and Vascular age calculator.

Once the person knows the reasons for aging arteries, he is committed to bringing in radical changes in his/ her lifestyle. This test is like a Health Barometer test and intends to wake up individuals from their slumber and belief that everything is Ok inside them and switch to the approach -Let’s do something before the health condition manifest and becomes a full-blown disease.

The second part of the Program is to help reversal of the Vascular aging with a holistic approach that addresses Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Social health of the individual. The tailor-made interactive program for every individual makes Celebrate Zindagi unique and compelling. Apart from these, it also proffers physical activities like Tai-Chi, dance aerobics, Shaolin Kung-fu, yoga, and Muay Thai to enable people to stay strong and live better.

The company is doing an excellent job by eliminating the myth that health is just the weight of an individual, while, on the contrary, it is much more than that. The company enrolls clients for customized sessions of three to six months, targeted at improving the clinical biomarkers like blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, and arterial stiffening. It also regulates sleep patterns, breath patterns, and binge eating patterns of the participants who are again screened after the sessions are completed to see their improvements in various biomarkers.

Company’s founder, Sunita Gohrani has a fervently pursued interest in the healthcare industry and believes in transforming the lives of people, especially, professionals. She has 20+ years of experience in the Medical Device Industry and has conducted 70000 screening and 15000+ sessions, working to prevent early onset of the lifestyle disease in the communities for the last five years.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Masters in Marketing Management and Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Planning, Sunita is also a Fitness Enthusiast and trained in Pilates & Martial Arts. Sunita also enjoys trekking in the Himalayas, adventure sports and Meditation Retreats in her leisure time.

The team of Celebrate Zindagi is adept in dealing with all health issues of professionals, and design customizes sessions enabling participants to take baby steps towards reaching their goals. Our team ensures every participant gets a focused and tailor-made program with human interaction and not just apps that have cluttered the digital space.

What keeps the company ahead of its competitors is the trust of its clients and the efficient execution of its various programs which has brought tremendous improvements in the mental and emotional well-being of individuals. Its various programs have brought a significant drop in absenteeism, improvement in productivity and witnessed increased participation of the employees. The company’s clients range from Bankers to Drivers, White collar Executives to Blue collar workers, where every participant has a unique health story to share that has made the company stronger as it offers customized solution to each.

Celebrate Zindagi has touched the lives of almost 70,000 employees working in various Corporates. Its major clients include ICICI Bank, ICICI Prudential, State Bank of India, BEST Ltd, Uni-Design Industry, Renaissance Jewellery, Maharashtra Warehousing Corporation, Rashtriya Chemical Fertilizers, GAIL India and Blue Dart, to name a few.

Celebrate Zindagi brings to light the asymptomatic diseases and tunes people towards a healthy lifestyle that guarantees the most significant wealth of all- health, through an amalgamation of emotional, psychological, social, and physical health in the right mix for complete well-being. Celebrate Zindagi follows a work culture of celebrating every minute even if it is through the darkest clouds.

Embarking harmony and happiness, the team is set to achieve its goal of conducting 300,000 screening in the coming two years.