Diet Clinic – fitness has a new dimension

All of us want to get fitter and healthier, notwithstanding our spaced out relationships with workout sessions and nutritious food. When questioned, it all comes down to the busy lives we sustain and lack of knowledge about health-food.

It would be so much easier to leada healthier lifestyle if someone could guide us step by step through this pursuit.Well, Diet Clinic ® does the same. It’s a private chain of clinics where they offer dietary solutions to people and makes it a cakewalk to attain one’s dream fitness level. It provides customized support in terms of diet goals, healthy eating habits and ways of healthy living that has been crafted and formulated by a team of highly qualified and trained dieticians, nutritionists and health advisors.

Back in 2005, an acclaimed, certified dietician, Sheela Seharawat from Gurgaon noticed that few of the biggest factors that were making people obese and eventually more prone to sickness were related to their lifestyle and customary habits. This problem was slowly engulfing our society and plagiarizing it, and, above all, it is making people fall easy prey to serious health hazards like diabetes, heart ailments, lung and kidney problems and many others alike.

She believed that if one were to attain a healthier state, a change in the lifestyle would be the most crucial requirement.

Sheela began her quest to improve the quality of life for people around her, and that’s when DC was first devised. Helping clients strike a balance between optimal nutrition and healthful exercise remained her credo. She conducted researches on weight loss diet plans and therapeutic diet plans for PCOS, thyroid, dubutic, hipertentionguletenaleargy and other diseases and came up with practical and effective solutions.

Owing to her dedication and skills, today Diet clinic has emerged the only firm in India which provides a successful weight loss treatment through diet only. Sheela’s motto is “Let your diet work for you,” i.e., there’s no need for overly strenuous exercises and workouts when you can get slimmer just by intake of the right diet.

Co CEO at Diet Clinic, Mr. Rajiv Seharawat strongly believes that happiness cannot be achieved without good health, and at the end, that’s the thing that truly counts. He’s not exactly from diet and healthcare background, but his journey in this field has made me a health and fitness freak. The immense responsibilities of him as a CEO at Diet Clinic seem much rewarding while watching his clients happier and healthier than ever. He believes in achieving excellence through experiments and that people who dare to experiment things and take risks are the ones that move forward with the fastest pace.

The efforts of Rajiv and Sheela have let Diet Clinic take a flight in national and international platforms with its line of customized diet plans. DC has worked for some of the most appreciable fitness organizations of India over the past years. Not just this, people from all walks of life who want to get slimmer and lead a healthier life are a part of the vast clientele that DC manages the game for.

People who have had been at Diet Clinic® and availed its services say that DC has loaded them with good health and mental and physical stability. These positive feedbacks from happy clients and efficiency, dedication and loyalty of members of the Diet Clinic family are the real sources of strength and motivation for Diet Clinic.

The main aim of the team at DC is to inculcate a change within you so that you adopt a lifestyle that will keep you healthy and active throughout the rest of your life. They don’t believe in temporarily make you look slimmer and let you go only to come back after a while.

Indeed, it is not easy to accept these changes and adapt to a completely different lifestyle pattern, and it might require days, weeks and even months, but once you decide and adopt the Diet Clinic way, you will want to stick to it for ever and ever. DC rectifies the misconception related to dieting that it is all about starvation, impossible targets, and tasteless food options. Here, people dieting is fun and more comfortable than ever. They have diverse options of food to choose from which is undeniably delicious and fresh.

The team at Diet Clinic also understands it well that health needs and habits, both vary person to person. Ergo the plans offered Diet Clinic by are thoroughly customizable and are different for every individual.

Diet Clinic is shortly coming up with an app of its own to give access to its services to the clients on the go. It will have video chat option inbuilt so that patients can talk to DC dieticians face to face.

DC has proven to be the leading brand in the field of nutrition, without any doubt.