Dr. Prerna Kohli’s Clinic


Life is neither predictable nor consistent. It is a roller-coaster ride that sways between happiness, success on one hand and failures, gloominess and sorrows on the other. It is human to feel worried, anxious, or sad from time-to-time, in response to different life events. While for most of the people it is temporary, for few it might last longer and for some even for a lifetime. For people with a longer span of mental problems, the result may lead to Depression, Anxiety, Stress or serious mental health ailments such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar, and schizophrenia. An acute mental health problem can even result in suicide.

It is critical to understand that mental health conditions can be successfully treated with the help and guidance of professional and highly skilled psychologists and psychiatrists. Such conditions are initially addressed through in-depth counseling sessions and mental therapies to understand the mental mind frame of the patient and the circumstances that bought him or her to this condition. In extremely severe cases medication is prescribed, medication without counseling is a band-aid solution. In fact is it a recognized fact that medication without counseling is ineffective. A psychologist plays a significant role in such situations. The therapist uses a range of therapeutic techniques to help the patient cope up with the situation and live a normal life.

About the clinic:

If you think that you or someone whom you know is struggling with a mental health problem, Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic is the best clinic to seek guidance and get help with the mental health concerns. It is a heaven for such patients as it works on a grass-roots level and the experts at the clinic dive deep into a patient’s life history and the series of incidences that has led him to such situation. The treatments offered at the clinic are flexible to meet your specific requirements, personal circumstances, and the patient’s life goals.

Why Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic

  • Individual attention and treatments which are not a one-size-fits-all, instead the treatments are designed by understanding each and every case and its uniqueness
  • A team of expert counselors, psychologists, and other supporting staff help and make the journey smooth for such patients
  • Dr. Prerna Kohli is an epitome of cure for those with mental health problems, she has successfully treated patients pan-India as well as globally and is one of the most trusted doctors
  • State-of-the-art clinic with all modern day amenities to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to patients
  • Treatment for everyone, from children, adults, elderly, celebrities, politicians, homemakers, pregnant women, students, working professionals, and sportspersons
  • The clinic has produced outstanding results over time and gained the trust of thousands of patients across India


Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic offers a myriad of treatments, from child counseling, pre-marriage counseling substance abuse counseling and a lot more, to bring any situation of your life back to normal and make you live a more meaningful life.

Some of the treatments are:

Children and Adolescent Counselling

Given the fast pace of life, children and adolescents are under a great deal of stress, including depression. Dr. Kohli and her team are equipped with handling even young children with learning disabilities.

Student Counselling

One of the most in-demand counseling is student counseling. A student deals with multiple issues, parents and peer pressure, competition, hormonal imbalances, love affairs, rejection, etc. At Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic, every situation is handled properly with expert help.

Pre-marital Counselling

Couples who receive pre-marriage counseling prior to tying the knot have a much higher rate of successful marriages as they are able to understand their partner on key issues such as finances, intimacy, dealing with in-laws and other relatives, when and how many children to have, sharing of responsibilities prior to marriage etc.

Couple Counselling

Marriages are subject to many issues, from distrust, lack of self-worth to financial and parenting, Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic helps married couples on such concerns. In such cases, the couples are given individual and joint counseling to help them regain their lost trust and live a happy married life.


Feeling low occasionally is a normal part of life, but the feeling of hopelessness and lack of confidence are signs of depression which are treated at Dr. Prerna Kohli’s Clinic.


Addiction occurs when a person has heightened indulgence with some drug or habit and which interferes his/her routine life. At Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic, such patients are treated successfully.

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Stress is being worried about what happened in the past, Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Both Stress and Anxiety untreated lead to Depression, at Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic, such conditions are treated with ease.

Anger Management

Keeping your temper in check can be challenging, but with Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic, you do not have to worry anymore, the clinic offers specialized anger management therapy.

Other treatments include

  • Intimacy issues
  • Happy and successful children
  • Fear of public interaction
  • Lack of concentration
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Time management
  • Eating disorders

Dr. Prerna’s clinic USP:

The biggest USP of the clinic is that it offers one-to-one counseling/ therapy. Each team members at the clinic believe that there is no “technology” that can replace a human counselor. Dr. Kohli believes that “You can talk with a close friend or relative about what’s troubling you, but it’s not the same as a professionally-trained experienced psychologist who knows exactly what kind of help you need.”


  • Out of town patients can consult with Dr. Prerna Kohli via phone or skype
  • The clinic opens seven days a week to cater to all kind of patients
  • Telephone and video consultation available
  • Effectively use of technology at the backend for Electronic Medical Record (EMR), appointment scheduling, billing, appointment reminders
  • Currently, a mobile phone app for Android and iPhone is in the pilot stage which will enhance the patient and counselor interactions.

Team: The dedicated specialists at Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic are committed to providing the highest quality mental health treatment and support, helping individuals to overcome a wide range of mental health conditions. Each of the counselors is handpicked and trained by Dr. Kohli, and, although they cannot match the experience and expertise of Dr. Kohli, they are quite close to her in treating the patients with the same vigor and efficiency.

About Dr. Prerna Kohli:

Dr. Prerna Kohli is the founder and chief of Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic. Dr. Kohli has been in private practice as a Psychologist since 1992. In a career spanning over 25 years, she has had the opportunity to counsel and make healthy thousands of patients from her one-on-one counseling and workshops.

Dr. Prerna Kohli counsels the inmates of Tihar Jail and teaches them skills to become productive members of Society. Dr. Prerna Kohli is a Clinical Psychologist, who practices Logotherapy. She has received multiple honors, including the 100 Women Achievers Award by the Honorable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee. Dr. Kohli, a holistic psychologist, in her capacity as an adviser to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) and a member of Niti Aayog works towards making the workplace safer for women and the country for children.

Dr. Kohli has also been a member of the POSH committee for the Press Information Bureau of India, a volunteer therapist at Tihar Jail, and a life skills coach at the Gurgaon prison and Aligarh prison. Dr. Kohli is frequently interviewed on Radio, TV, and by Print Media to discuss contemporary Mental Health issues. She has previously worked with the Censor Board of India to give a psychologist’s perspective on the media. A prolific writer, Dr. Kohli, is a keynote speaker at World Depression Conferences across the globe.

Dr. Kohli conducts heart-based workshops and lectures in Schools, Universities, and Corporates on maintaining a work-life balance, creating self-awareness, and developing inner peace.

Dr.Kohli received her education at Welham Girls High School, Dehradun and held a Ph.D. from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh where she was a four-time Gold Medalist for excellence in academics.

Mental issues are treatable, and Dr. Prerna Kohli’s clinic motto is to help individuals regain their lost esteem and confidence by providing them care and guidance that will help them overcomes such issues.