Sakar Healthcare Ltd,

Sakar Healthcare Ltd, a pharmaceutical giant established in 2004-05 by Mr.Sanjay Shah, has witnessed exponential growth since its establishment on a year on year basis. With its foothold across more than 53 countries with over 250 registered brands, Sakar has emerged as one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company.

Sakar is well-known for its range of products which covers 22 therapeutic categories through Oral Liquids, Oral Solids & Antibiotics, Dry powder Injections, Liquid Injections & Lyophilised injections. The current manufacturing unit has been fortified to manufacture advanced formulations including lyophilised products; which are intended for better solubility and hence stability. The technologically advanced equipments and skilled manpower ensures quality products, are manufactured to cater to domestic and international markets. The core senior management team with an average experience of around two decades with respective functions in the pharmaceutical industry is ensuring the objectives are well-covered to meet the strategic decisions. Skilled, dedicated and result-oriented team operates in ensuring the quality products are delivered to markets on time.

Located in the western part of the Indian subcontinent, with 14 overseas regulatory approvals and 69 operating business partners, Sakar has successfully marked its presence across the globe. Significantly more than a dozen multi-million valued brands are manufactured at the Sakar’s site for key market players in India,  as well as markets of Latin America, South East Asia, Asia, Africa and CIS countries. The dynamic approach towards business development has also influenced the recent advancement of Sakar. Sakar aspires to increase accessibility to its business operations worldwide and intends to operate with focal points located in London- Kenya -Vietnam.

Mr.Sanjay Shah, founder and Managing Director has conceived the idea of progression with Sakar Healthcare since inception to match with the world-class standards. With an entrepreneurial mindset and acumen, he has made Sakar emerged as one of the fastest growing Healthcare Companies in the region-2015 (The Silicon Review), as well as 2016 Best SME Growth IPO India award (, UK) along with India’s most valuable Contract manufacturing Company 2017 (PharmaLeaders).

He has been complemented suitably by his wife, Mrs.Rita Shah (Director) in managing daily functioning and business operations and son, Mr.Aarsh Shah (Joint Managing Director), having a background in Pharmacy & business management (Cardiff, UK).

Sakar has got listed in National Stock Exchange, Mumbai by end of year 2016, which has added the necessary credibility and impetus to the business progression. Understanding the achieved milestones and future business growth-plan, much of interest has been seen amongst investors in the recent times. An organised approach, time bound presentation and response has given better business clarity to the strategic investors to evaluate and decide in favour of Sakar.

As a part of business expansion, Sakar has initiated setting up a new manufacturing units for oral solid dosage (tablets, capsules), and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) with anti-cancer (oncology) range of products. The second phase of this expansion process would include liquid and lyophilised injection units. The standalone manufacturing unit would be compliant to regulatory market requirements, supported by Research & Development Laboratory, Analytical Development Laboratory, Formulation & Development laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Environment Health & Safety unit and a robust department of Quality Assurance & Control. Currently a team of expert has been placed to evaluate & suggest for inclusion of the best in type equipment set-up and simplify the operative hazards, the oncology products being highly cyto-toxic requiring isolators.

Sakar is into partnering with multinationals for their research and development of novel dosage forms to better suit mankind. With existing business model of CMO and marketing registered products internationally, Sakar looks forward to a dynamic model of joint venture / acquisition, which can leverage the intrinsic strength to reach new heights. With a well-defined vision, Sakar also looks forward to expand its business domain, venturing into the niche domain of manufacturing anti-cancer drugs. With a positive foresight of the founder, backed by proper value-addition by the qualified team, Sakar stands out well ahead and has always remained competitive in the operating business domain- leading the way for other players to follow.