Yethi Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Engineers at heart and strive to provide competitive healthcare and wellness solutions using the latest technology.

The medical devices industry in India consists of large multinationals, with extensive service networks, as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The Indian medical device market is growing at a fast speed and was valued at US$3.5 billion in 2015 and expected to expand to approximately US $4.8 billion by the current year. As India is witnessing an improvement in its economic, healthcare, and social landscapes, its medical device market would also be impacted considerably.

Factors like the medical tourism, luxury healthcare markets and a growing consciousness about personal wellbeing have significantly increased the demand for specialized, high-tech medical equipment and accessible healthcare, primary among those are Point-of-care equipment and associated solutions like tele-medicine, tele-consultation, e-pathology, e-prescription, remote QA/QC of medical equipment and routine OPD tests.

Yethi Medical Systems Pvt Ltd, founded in 2010 is a company that builds a state of the art medical devices and offers innovative solutions that impact public healthcare. The company holds a firm belief that the investor interests and mass social benefits could go hand in hand by using technology as an enabler of convergence in healthcare.

It is a Domain agnostic company with vast industry experience in building complete systems (hardware and software) and products in embedded space using the latest available technologies. The company’s strength is in its excellent HW and SW Co-Design skills that help it to deliver performance by design.

Yethimed has an excellent vendor eco-system for augmenting core strengths and complementing non-core areas. Its technical team has more than 50 Staff years of experience in Embedded Systems development and testing and a combined experience of 75+ years. The company has a team that works across domains and verticals which makes sure the products have good convergence of engineering requirements and market needs.

Chief Technologist Harish Nuggehalli comes with 20+ years of experience in design and development of embedded systems in general and automotive in particular. He has spent last 5 years in driving the development of highly integrated healthcare systems as telemedicine kits and franchised e-clinic models.

Harish has a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering (summa cum laude,1997) from Bangalore University. He possesses a rich experience in systems Engineering based on ARM7 and, DSP cores, RTOS and micro-kernels, MISRA “C” coding standards and UML based design methodologies. He has successfully managed large project teams and million dollar contracts year-on-year for automotive tier-1 companies in Europe / Asia.

In the recent past, he has completed a 7 year field study and development of Windmills and associated controller ecosystems for delivering managed Wind Energy solutions out of personal interest. He has developed a fully functional windmill controller  that has been proven in the field.

Yethi Medical offers a vast product line and develops top-of-the-line products in portable medical instrumentation for Clinical usage and Personal HealthCare domain. Major products offered by the company are

  • Multi-Parameter Device MPM600
  • QuikTherm
  • CHK30 Clinic Health Kiosk
  • HP700 and HP900 Telemedicine Kit’s

Some of the features of the products are:

  • Portable, battery operated laptop back-pack model
  • Ease of use (One-touch Operation)
  • Configurable USL/LSL limits per patient
  • Remote monitoring over 3G/GPRS network
  • Wireless communication with a tablet interface
  • Can do 25+ routine vitals/OPD tests

The devices effectively monitor the following.

  • NIBP / SPO2 / ECG / BG
  • BMI / BMR / FAT / WATER content
  • ENT / Dermascope / Endoscope
  • Temperature
  • Blood Glucose

The company’s core strengths are:

  • bunch of technocrats with fantastic ideas to create a super cool product
  • build systems from ground-up that are state of the art and doesn’t cost heavy on the consumer’s pocket
  • learn every aspect of a product, and it’s market space before actually building it
  • build world-class products that bring many different technologies together as a convergence
  • follows best Industry practices for development processes
  • Robust products which are field proven as they are designed for performance, products are designed for minimum operational field life of 5 years.

Yethi Medical System Pvt. Ltd is optimistic about scaling new heights as the Government regulation in the medical device industry will be liberalized more. The company is committed to delivering the best products without compromising on quality.