Andy Khawaja, CEO, Allied Wallet


Technology has changed the way we live, the way we earn and the way we spend. Gone are the days when customers have to carry a huge amount of cash, in any currency, to make purchases; everything has now shifted to electronic medium. The advent of e-commerce has given rise to online shopping where just by a click of mouse and a simple e-wallet or bank transfer results in buying the product of your choice. Sellers too find it convenient to sell products through websites instead of spending a lot of money on fancy stores and staff.

About Allied Wallet:

An easy, safe and efficient system was the need of the hour to streamline the entire shopping experience and Allied Wallet, with its range of award-winning online payment processing services has successfully fulfilled the need. Allied Wallet is a leading payment solution provider that continues to outperform all its competitors with its ability to provide best-in-class payment solutions for merchants as well as online business.

Allied Wallet is an International Award- winning company since 2006, located in California. The company offers all inclusive solutions and it is its ability to interconnect all aspects of the payment space that has earned it a reputed position in the international market. It offers payment solutions to customers across the globe including Asia, US and Europe.

The primary goal of the company is to make every employee feels like a family and nurture in him a feeling of being respected and valued. The employees are given complete freedom to speak their expectations and are given tremendous opportunities for growth. ‘Happy employee leads to happy customer’ is the guiding principle of the company.

Allied Wallet is a company where innovation is encouraged. It has its offices spread across the globe at places like Macau, Hong Kong, India and London.

Why Allied Wallet:

1. Customers are the primary focus of any service or operation Ability to continually innovate and add new features to its products Competent team

2. Best-in-class payment products that simplify the payment process of consumers

3. Gives customers accurate, real-time transaction data from anywhere in the world on any device

4. Products are PCIDSS Level I compliant and provides 24/7 support to efficiently assist all of its merchants and customers across the globe

Payment Solutions (Products)

The company gives its customers a wide range of payment options and solutions which are low-cost, secure and convenient. It has simplified the payment process of customers and strives to offer a seamless and bespoke customer experience. It has created several fully customisable international payment solutions for businesses of varying scales. While most of the customers opt to make payment with their credit cards, there are still a lot of them who prefer to use one of the many alternative payment options supported by Allied Wallet. The company has the right set of payment solutions for everyone, regardless of how they choose to pay.

From a payment platform for accepting global payments to an innovative mobile app on the smartphone, Allied Wallet offers a host of online and digitized payment solutions to its customers. The key benefits of using Allied Wallet’s payment solutions are not just its services and ease of payment, but, it is the way the company has connected all consumers living in different geographies. It has connected Asian consumers to western products and western consumers to Asian products.

Allied Wallet product line includes:

1. Accept Payment online: A mobile friendly and fully-featured App for accepting and making payments is the flagship product of Allied Wallet. It plugs-in to every major shopping software and the company offers 24×7 support to its users. Some of the major products include QuickPay which is specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses looking for a quick, cost-effective, and simple solution to accept online payments. Direct Integration is another product which is a powerful option for larger businesses that provides complete customisation and control over the checkout experience, offering business more scalability.

2. Global Payment Gateway: It connects to shoppers in 196 countries! Allied Wallet’s global payment gateway and its modern reporting tools will help customers keep track of their entire account without spending countless hours tracking sales. It can be accessed from any device , can be synced up with any services and scaled to any size. It is equipped with modern features like virtual terminal, customer database, chargeback prevention and affiliate management.

3. Reloadable Prepaid Cards: Allied Wallet gives you the freedom to load your eWallet and spend with your card anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It gives you access to your eWallet anywhere, anytime. The company offers a powerful dashboard tool where the customers can place the order for a prepaid card and Allied Wallet will issue one linked to their eWallet account. The company charges no annual fees and it can be used at any ATM.

4. Global Merchant Services &Online Transaction Processing: When a business owner looks for an online merchant service to securely accept payments on his website, Allied Wallet is the best option. It offers all-inclusive merchant services. The service has a powerful dashboard with built-in control features. Mobile Point of Sale & Credit Card Reader: With its mobile POS the customers can accept credit cards on-the-go. It is a sleek, minimal app built to make you money and give its customers the ability to accept every major credit card on their iOS or Android mobile device. It has a simple interface, manual input and keeps a track of each item.

5. Ewallet: Allied Wallet’s eWallet is an all new way to pay friends, family and business associates with an eWallet account. With eWallet, each user can add money by linking a bank account and managing money on their phone or computer with their eWallet dashboard. It is simple to send and receive funds, connect with people, and make purchases.

The company through its innovative range of products is now allowing consumers to open their own Allied Wallet bank account through which they can use any currency, anywhere in the world.
CEO, Andy Khawaja: It is tough to be a leader and it is tougher to be at the forefront of a technological revolution. When you promise customers things that will make their life simpler, there is always a burden of exceeding their expectation and serving them in the best possible way. But, Andy Khawaja ,the CEO & founder of Allied Wallet and International Business Awards ’Financial Technology CEO of the Year’ awardee has done this all, from creating fantastic payment solutions to offering customers products that will make their life simple. He has always challenged the status-quo and innovate something new to solve the problems of customers globally.

He is a man of persistence and resilience and knows how to overcome challenges that emerge in the path to success and established his company as one of the leading payment solution providers in the industry. As per him, innovation is crucial and it is the cornerstone of his business. He has magnanimous plans of creating better payment solutions which are technology driven and making life of customers easier than it was before.

6. CSR: The company with its corporate social responsibility efforts aim to work with a number of organizations to make this world a better place and to support organizations that serve children, animals, police officers, and offer relief from natural disaster.

7. The Future: Allied Wallet has gained a global recognition as a payment service provider. The e-commerce specialist, Allied Wallet has now shifted its focus on the other side of the market and is now moving into providing cutting-edge banking and credit services. Now, the firm has a new target: which is into banking services. It is the firm’s belief that today’s consumers could benefit from the use of a secure payment technology, and that there is an emerging need of linking consumers and merchants on one platform.

The company already has to its credit phenomenal success with its e-commerce solutions, and now it is eager to integrate new functions onto it to support an even wider range of clients. The products that the company has planned are already unique, and provide a range of functions that cannot be found on any other software.