Archinnova -BS Most Prominent Tech Companies 2019

In today’s knowledge-hungry era, it has become crucial to bring together people, processes and technologies to enable more effective and dynamic use of information technology and communication. More value-based innovative solutions and services should be added to empower businesses and enable them to focus on what they are good at – their core business.
Archinnova was established in 2015 with a mission to “DevOpsify the Middle East market.” Archinnova, an innovative business technology consulting and implementation firm established in Dubai, UAE and serving the Middle East offers end to end Agile and DevOps solution. Its “DevOps 360″ model is supported by best practices driven methodologies and is powered by leading solutions. The model is implemented by highly skilled engineers who ensure tangible results through a partnership journey of collaboration, knowledge transfer and flexibility.

Archinnova provides DevOps as a managed service to businesses who are currently running or wish to run their companies on applications in the cloud. Archinnova works in tandem with the client’s development team and in-house architects and assists them in making use of the benefits of the cloud and ensuring that their entire web application runs efficiently and effectively.

Archinnova offers innovative solutions, and that differentiates them from their competitors. Also, the team of Archinnova and its systems, processes, and tools are a significant differentiator.

Archinnova offers the following services:

1. Dev Ops Consultation: Helping organizations to transform through “Enterprise DevOps.”
2. Cloud Automation: Enabling organizations to adopt the right “Cloud Strategy”
3. CI/CD: Assisting organizations in building the best-fit “Development Pipeline.”
4. Continuous Testing: End-to-End Software Testing Services
5. App Modernization: Refactoring or building applications using “Modern Engineering.”
6. Containerization: Developing and implementing the right “Container Strategy.”
7. DevOps Training: Full DevOps training covering conceptual & practical courses
8. Staff Augmentation: Deploying the right Dev Ops skills on premises

Archinnova’s USP:

1. The only local company with end-to-end DevOps offering with local expertise
2. Covers the end to end life-cycle including consultation, training, system integration and after-sales support
3. In-depth cultural understanding
4. Solution designed around customer’s goals and agenda instead of vendors’
5. Adoption of technology to steer towards business efficiency and not technology fashionista
6.  Archinnova has a list of prestigious clients whom they have served successfully over the years. It has served almost all industry verticals, from banking to Government, Telecommunication and Insurance and Aviation. The company prides itself in providing services that are not only product and implementation oriented, but also offer real collaboration. The company’s objective has always been to enable its clients to run their business without any fear of the system getting failed.

Founded with the mission to “DevOpsify the Middle East market,” Archinnova’s services are designed around the idea of integrated enterprise value engineering lifecycle management. The company provides post-implementation support until the customer gets acclimatized to the tools and processes. The company is customer-centric rather than vendor-driven where its end goal is a satisfied customer.

Diyaa Zebian, the Founder & CEO of Archinnova, has more than 25 years of experience in the Middle East market and is known for his visionary approach. He has pushed the right IT wave at the right time, and he is the person behind many successful waves like J2EE, SOA and, SaaS.

Diyaa Zebian, captain of the ship, is a true leader, he knows how to get the work done from his employees and still get the best result. He is a go-getter, and he knows the right way to push his fellow workers to their maximum capabilities making sure every task is aligned to his vision by giving them the freedom to work and think out of the box. DevOps behavior and transformation is a skill Diyaa has inculcated over the years, making it easier for him to pitch the right strategy at the right place.
“Going ahead, we will continue to provide end to end software development support along with consultation, training, system integration and after-sales support, ultimately delivering a solution designed around customer goals and agenda,” says Zebian.

The company beholds its future objectives as

1.  Expanding horizontally towards the other countries in this part of the world
2.  Expanding Vertically by adding complimenting product and services especially the security side (DevSecOps)
3.  Expanding in the existing customer base to assist in their transformation journey
4.  Boxing services packages to fit the market with the focus on training courses to create better awareness
Archinnova’s best-of-the-breed approach provides no vendor lock-in feature which ensures the customer doesn’t have to replace any existing investment. For the coming years, the company’s vision is to provide in-depth cultural understanding and continue innovation to accelerate business efficiency.