Technology has touched all aspects of our lives, and education is not far from it. When technology gets blended with education, it produces stupendous results which benefit all the stakeholders, from students to their parents, teachers, mentors, principals, and directors.

Intellatek is an effort in the direction of making technology work for education and producing results which make delivering education efficient and straightforward. Intellatek is a unique and revolutionary technology company tailored towards charter and private school technology support. The company partners with schools and fulfills their day-to-day technology needs. The company has been successfully running over the past 20 years and delivering an extensive range of IT services and solutions.

Intellatek with its unique service offering has partnered with private and chartered schools and assist them in managing all their IT endeavors, be it lunch management, staff training or managing their virtual libraries. The company is trusted by over 30 schools in Nevada and surroundings and known for its ineffable and revolutionary technology support. The company operates currently in 4 states (NV, HI, CO, AZ), but is looking to support schools in (ID, CA, UT) within the next year(s).

Intellatek’s expertise is in knowing all aspects of what a school may need from setting up state-mandated testing to helping the administration with daily interactions of their student information systems.

Intellatek assists with everything from day-to-day technology operations to network and wifi infrastructure support. It could be rolling out 20 Chromebook/netbook carts or helping them with their lottery system for enrollment.

The company offers remote support, network installation and personalized technical support packages, visitor management, hardware procurement to all its schools. The company provides turnkey and bespoke solutions, one that is specifically needed by a particular school.

Intellatek believes in nurturing long term relationship with its clients based on mutual trust, collaboration, and state-of-the-art services. The objective is to let the school management focus on their core activities and Intellatek taking care of their technology needs at a price which is affordable and saves much time.

Intellatek has a unique process; it starts with understanding the need of the school, what kind of technology integration they expect and the timelines we have to deliver the project.
It offers ticketing system, automated inventory system of hardware, 24/7 server and network monitoring along with phone support for quick response to resolve an issue. Intellatek offers solutions from quotation to delivery and installation. The company has teamed up with Ident-A-Kid, the complete visitor management system to give maximum traceability and control of all visitors accessing the campus each day.

The team at Intellatek is all domain experts who are dependable and ardent workers. They know how to handle a client’s inquiry and offer him a service that suits his specific need. The team ensures that it takes away the time-consuming aspects of IT and arranges further discounts for volume purchases from particular manufacturers and distributors. The technical support team at Intellatek has extensive knowledge of past and present technologies that continue to be used throughout the education sector.

The company has over 20 years of’ ongoing experience, delivering a broad range of services and solutions.

Intellatek has a host of products to offer to schools to ease their working, like Apps and software such as email hosting, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Onedrive and Microsoft Sharepoint. The company also provides Network Management Solutions like the design of the entire network with security and reliability.

As per the Managing Partner, JJ, the greatest strength of Intellatek is the quality service that it provides to schools. From phone support and video surveillance to SIS assistance, Intellatek is a one-stop shop for educational technology support. Its strategic procurement process, professional development and training, and content filtering/digital forensics are other services.

JJ emphasizes improving Intellatek services and conducts annual retreats with his management team to focus on how can they provide better services and pinpoint new services schools might need. He believes in always stopping and looking back to where they came from helps keep them humble and focused on never settling. As per him, the company continually strives for excellence and will never quit until it has achieved the highest level of excellence.

JJ believes that a successful technology company knows how to cultivate the following essential characteristics: Effective communication, excellent customer relationships, teamwork, outstanding products, quality service, integrity, notable leadership, and loyalty and it helps in flourishing their business and become successful.

The company is optimistic about a great future in the industry and wish to provide peace of mind to schools without disrupting their sensitive budget.