NC- The strategic consulting machine

NC- The strategic consulting machine

Running and managing a business could be a daunting task! While, some have the experience and the technical expertise to run it efficiently, others have excellent interpersonal skills and deep domain expertise to manage the business. However, no entrepreneur possesses all skills that are required to run the business and invariably depends upon outsourcing or outside assistance to perform better.

Natio Cultus is a global strategy consulting & financial advisory company which bridges the gap between what the entrepreneur requires and what he has. The company offers counsel to clients on their key strategic issues and helps them make informed decisions more quickly and solve their toughest and most critical business problems. Today it has an international footprint and has served more than 350 clients. Over the past four years including the India Fund Fest and Indonesia Fund Fest they have touched 30000+ entrepreneurs and business owners in some way or the other.

The company leverages its deep industry expertise and analytical rigor to align you and your organization for optimum focus towards your clients and markets. Natio Cultus provides practical, actionable insights and solutions to its clients that work in the real world. Their areas of expertise are; strategy, fundraising, operations, technology, human resources, one to one coaching of leaders and international business structuring. For startups and SME’s NC operates various platforms like the India Fund Fest, Indonesia Fund Fest, Get Funded Now workshops and in partnership, the web series Horses Stable.

The company’s modus operandi is unique, and every client of NC mandatorily goes through the Investor Readiness Report process before being on boarded as a client. The company holds the firm belief that it does not have to chase and strive to do different things to be unique, on the contrary, the company’s uniqueness lies from the fact that it delivers what it promises. The team includes a high proportion of senior people with strong mentoring and coaching skills.

Started by industry veterans, Nalin and Dinesh Singh, with more than twenty years’ experience each, in some of the top global corporates, the company is committed to aligning the vision of their clients to their strategic objectives. Regardless of whether the client is a start-up looking for a distilled strategy or has a mid-size company looking for international markets or a large company looking for complete organizational transformation or an executive looking for career advice or a business leader looking for strategic guidance; the company has something of value for everyone.

NC has the following products:

  • Consultancy for startups and SMEs: Guiding entrepreneurs from their launch to helping them meet their financial needs during the scale-up phases
  • Strategic Consulting: Tailor-made solutions for an organization
  • Investor readiness: Making companies investor ready
  • Life and Leadership coaching: For optimum living and balanced lifestyle
  • Cultus Edge: helps Company prepare right content to kick-start their business
  • Workshop and events: Engage entrepreneurs and investors and hone their skills

Both the Founders of the company had unique journeys. What is common is the fact that both were highly successful in their corporate careers followed by failed entrepreneurial stints and subsequent successful ones. The learning from the failures is what created NC in the form and shape it is today.

Nalin Singh, the Director of NC, has held several leadership positions in India, Asia, Europe, and the US; in leading corporates of the world.

He is the author of the bestselling book, Reboot to Reconquer – Navigating the Afternoon of Life. He has previously authored the book “Clairvoyance – Sixth Sense for A Global Career.” He has also co-authored “Manikantan A Mural Journey,” a book on the mural art form. His last non-fiction book “Get Funded Now” has won the National Book Honour and is a bestseller

Nalin frequently speaks & writes on issues relating to outsourcing, BPO, cultural matters, diversity, aspirations of the youth of India and a variety of other topics related to the startup ecosystem. He has also been on the Advisory Board of leading corporates, various Industry Associations & publications. With more than twenty-five years of diverse experience, he provides life & strategy coaching to leaders and boards of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and startup Founders. He is in the process of launching an investment fund in partnership with a leading angel investor. He has recently co-authored his first fiction novel “Triptease”, which is India s’ first collaborative fiction novel.

Dinesh Singh, the other Founder, with his over twenty years of experience in data analytics and leadership positions in Human Resource departments of Fortune 500 companies, he stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship. He has seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and now guides companies in change management as well as entrepreneurs on the execution of business plans.

One word to describe Dinesh and goals is ‘Connector.’ He is the glue that holds various stakeholders within and outside the company together. He strives to bring maximum efficiency in processes and continuously improve. The one word that describes Nalin is ‘ Energy’. He has tremendous energy and enthusiasm with an uncanny knack for identifying new opportunities. He strives to create an organization that delivers rather than just talk.

The company is optimistic of the fact that growth will come from India, companies from India going international and companies from other geographies in the Asia-Pacific region will add to its business. The company will move into more significant advisory roles at board level, representing investor groups to monitor their investments and coach the leaders of their invested companies. Shortly, the company shall be covering more geographies and will become an enabler across the Asia Pacific region for companies seeking support to scale their business or go international.