Neeraj Saxena, Managing Director

One word that describes me is courageous, which reflects in my working style, as “Challenges are the key to success”. And I take up every hurdle as my next milestone to growth.

Neeraj Saxena, Managing DirectorB2C Systems Limited

Began his journey at the age of 20 as an entrepreneur. He did his Masters in Information Technology and Management with a specialization in e-commerce, which helped him immensely in setting up B2C Systems in the Millennium year 2000.

Inspired and fascinated by the creativity, he started an advertising agency “Times Communications” in Delhi, which had picked up well after initial hick-ups”. And have always dreamt big to achieve his goals and aspirations. He owes his family and their moral support for his share of success.

With his vision B2C Systems visualize itself to be one of the most premier IT solution and service Provider Company that offers robust and structured methodology, to deal with the daily operations of the business by enacting smart working culture at the client end. We are planning to expand pan India followed by global presence. By keeping in line with the requirements of changing times with all the innovations and recent developments taking place in the sector, and aspires to grow by attending relevant conferences and exhibitions which are held internationally. And strives to make it larger and become a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to ‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technology interventions.

Since the inception of B2C Systems in the millennium year 2000, the company has been providing dedicated services in IT domain. Being a tech-driven organization, B2C Systems develops IT solutions that shape corporate intranets and extranets, streamlining communication structures for their businesses. And the two major offerings by the B2C Systems are:

B2C_Digital Club: A patented product from B2C Systems Limited which provides a combination of windows-cum-web based ERP package having fully integrated functional modules in admin & security, Membership, Smartcards, F&B POS, retail POS, front desk, stores and inventory, sports, library, gym & SPA, financial accounting that are integrated with TALLY, web portal, online payment gateway integration, SMS & EMAILs Communication etc. 

B2C_Drishti: A mini-ERP cloud computing based Solution with the prophecy to decipher the necessity of small and mid-size companies. Designed for the owners who are constantly travelling, engaged in the cutthroat business competition, and the ones who are trading, retail and service industry to diminish the frenzied paper-based works. We provide a dedicated software to handle all types of the organization from office administration to client-based work to reduce time the time and effort.

B2C Systems believes in moving ahead by keeping in pace with the latest technological innovations. We plan to bring about efficient POS terminals, which is the first one in India. A fully integrated system with microprocessor-based contactless Membership Smart Cards and other functional modules in B2C_Digital Club Solutions for POS Billing, Access Control, Smart Card Issuance, Cash Loading / Charging etc.

And we aspire to develop an easy to use, low cost cloud-based Office Automation Software System for Retail/ Wholesale and Service Providers which covers administration web presence, data security, purchase/inventory, sales, MIS, customer relationship management (CRM), Taxation etc.

By ensuring real time information to SMEs and mid-sized companies that can reduce the pressure of the business owners who are busy handling areas of operations and can easily take the updates. Thereby know about the status of the creditors and debtors, renewals, stocks, taxation and fund flow etc.

B2C Systems provides Membership Smart Card Solutions, in a simple and cost-effective manner, by working with the company’s current membership databases, replacing any existing membership cards, or integrating databases.

Most of the big players serving hospitality industry have failed to provide workable solutions in club domain. As the Club Automation Domain, in general, seems to be as just another Hotel Management System (HMS), but it has many domain specific nitty-gritty which the HMS service providers fail to grasp and eventually the whole system deployment by them fail to produce the desired deliverables.

Our innate desire to excel in our endeavors helps us in staying ahead in the highly competitive market of the Info-tech Industry. The most important factor that differentiates B2C Systems from other players is the expertise and understanding in the Membership based Clubs’ Domain functioning knowledge, requirements and implementation challenges.

Our exceptionally deep technical and domain expertise allows us to take on projects that are perceived to be complex or difficult by others. In our experience, working together consistently results in creating intelligent solutions to meet our client’s evolving business demands. We provide the most effective breed of services to our clients. Our in depth industry knowledge, and unmatched inheritance of talented professionals combined with the best ethics of business help us to propel the company to a bright future.

Neeraj Saxena reckons that the high employee attrition rate is still not recognized as a debilitating factor by the IT industry. The younger generations today are easily lured by the prospect of overseas placement with startups without caring for long term career goals and because of a sudden rise in remuneration even if it may only mean a short term gain at the cost of a long term career trajectory.

The time has changed. Finding ‘Good Talent’ and further ‘Staff Retention’ is a trouble these days as the millennial least care about serving the notice period or committing to a job. Which creates a glitch in the overall development of the organization. As the flow and smooth functioning of the work comes to a halt.

Thus so as to overcome the problem Neeraj Saxena emphasizes on motivating and boosting the morale of the co-workers, and by finding the way out from the busiest schedule to interact with them in order to let them feel valued and accountable. Interacting with the employees and understanding their sentiments reflecting empathy is one of the aspect. Which further helps in employee retention.

And the major challenge arises with the perceiving value. Where the clients residing in India refer companies like us as vendor instead of business associates. Although this is not the scenario worldwide, the delayed payment due to the untoward reason leads to the negative impact on the revenue cycle and hampers the smooth flow of the business. And because of which there persists a shaken trust among the business environment.

B2C Systems Limited, being a tech-driven organization is always trying to explore new tech-concept which is easy to access and consumer friendly.  Our mission is to provide solution-oriented information technology and related value added services to our clients.

Considering the point of marketing, we have plans to expand pan-India and are looking for investors. Apart from that we aspire to enter into other domains – Membership Driven Online Portals catering Community like Seafarers, Armed Forces & Elite Fashion for Corporate Women.

And to achieve that we have initiated the process to create our brand awareness by using Digital marketing tools. Which would further assist in participating with the key conferences and exhibitions globally to increase the visibility and network·

Our DNA of the growing team is quality, technology, innovation and customer satisfaction. Our experience and consistent approach which results in creating intelligent solutions to meet our client’s evolving business demands. 

The company has segmented itself as a niche in the complete automation of social, sports and recreational Clubs domain with Membership Smart Cards. With each passing day, the B2C Systems has evidenced sustainable growth and profitability.

Most of the service providers in the present smart card based solutions don’t possess proper and adequate knowledge of the domain nor of the technology. And  the deployment of Smart Cards based Solutions in the respective organization is nothing less than a paradigm-shift to the existing system which eventually will completely change the way it functions. But, we ensure the utmost utilization of available resources including skilled and non-skilled manpower.

The list of our reputed clients includes names like Defence Services Officers’ Institute (DSOI), Delhi Gymkhana Club Ltd, , Civil Services Officers’ Institute (CSOI), Indian Naval Services (INS) India, PHD Chambers of Commerce, Dehradun Club (Dehra doon), Wheler Club (Meerut), Sapta Shakti Officers’ Institute, Seafarers Welfare Housing Association, Armed Forces Welfare Housing Association and many more explains the difference which we have created for them.

“The pursuit of excellence motivates me to ‘push the envelope’ and ‘shift the goalpost’ further away for a bigger marketing-play. Being honest, greatest motivation for me is to “expand the organization nationally and overseas”, says Neeraj Saxena.

And we are striving greatly to overcome the newer challenges in life and fuel my passion for excellence in everything I do. It is pertinent to mention here that till now, the companies in India are offering hand held POS Terminals based solutions only in non-members and non-smart cards based locations like individual F&B Outlets. But B2C Systems is going to come up with handheld-based POS Terminals very soon, which is a fully integrated version with Membership Smart Cards and other functional Modules in B2C-DigitalClub Solution for POS Billing, Access Control, smart Card Issuance/Charging etc. By being the premier IT solution and service provider company in terms of consumer value, customer service, employee talent, and consistent and predictable growth.