Tarun PK – Telecom Talk

Telecom is a dynamic industry with a wide number of players and stakeholders making changes daily. It becomes difficult for the end-user to remain updated about the changes taking place in the telecom world. The gap needs to be filled, and TelecomTalk does it efficiently. It is an online platform that provides its users with information and insights related to the telecommunications industry and keeps them abreast with all the changes.

TelecomTalk is a premier and credible provider of the latest news and analysis of the Indian telecommunication industry. It has an extensive network of reporters across the country. The readers can expect breaking news, interviews, analysis, policy developments, and in-depth reports daily. The platform covers news ranging from device launches, joint ventures, research papers, mergers, and acquisitions, to the launch of new tariff plans and any other business and market development. The platform also focuses on policy-related events. The TelecomTalk team regularly interacts with the decision makers in telecom companies and policymakers to bring forth the significant happenings in the telecom industry.

Founder, Tarun PK, has done his specialization in Computer Science but it was his love for the telecom industry that made him launch TelecomTalk. He started TelecomTalk in 2008 when there was a significant boom in the Indian Telecom sector, and the whole of it was metamorphosed with the launch of mobiles and 2G/3G technologies. When Tarun launched TelecomTalk, the competition was fierce, and each player wanted to gain its supremacy and share in the sector. Each player launched its schemes to lure the customers, and it became difficult for the customers to choose from the horde of players. However, with TelecomTalk, their life indeed became easy, and they had access to a reliable online platform where they could get information on latest gadgets, technologies, services, pricing etc and can also raise a query or share the feedback.

As per Tarun PK, his goal is to keep the consumers at top-priority and ensure that the end consumer remains up to date with the latest information about the industry. He also aims to equip the end users with crucial information about the sector.  For the eager consumers of the industry, the Founder is all geared up to fill up the gap with market intelligence. The online platform also offers custom content solutions for various industries whether it is tech or telecom. Besides this, they are also into providing research support and consultation as well.

The team at TelecomTalk is goal-oriented and result-driven, and the company has the core belief that the success of any team lies in how well they dwell together. The company abhors the boss-culture and believe in empowering every player in their turf thus ensuring that everyone does what they do best. The company’s approach towards maintaining a work culture gives speed in execution and helps them to come up with innovative solutions for the problems while ensuring efficient execution.

The company’s distinction lies in the fact that it strives for the details, even the minutest of it and this has helped the company in growing in leaps and bounds over a short period of time. However, the company also faced its set of challenges and roadblocks; one of the biggest is the challenge of being always up to date with the latest technology. The team at TelecomTalk has to ensure that they are well-read and thoroughly versed with a particular piece of technology or information which they can then use to update their platform. The primary factor which drives the clients’ affinity towards TelecomTalk is their trust in its experience and expertise.

The company has a reasonably large trajectory planned out for the next upcoming years and has fabulous plans and is working on a new platform relevant to the travel industry.