NATIO CULTUS – The 10 Most Admired Consultant Leaders to watch in 2019


Natio Cultus, is a global strategy consulting & financial advisory company, which offers counsel to its clients on strategic issues that decide the future of their organization. The team has deep industry expertise and makes use of analytical rigor to help clients make informed decisions. The counselling that they provide to their clients helps them to be quicker and solve their toughest and most critical business problems. Natio Cultus offers solutions which are not confined to corporate hierarchy; instead, they break the stereotypes and align the organization for optimum focus towards the clients & markets.

Natio Cultus is an ambitious dream of industry veterans with more than twenty years ‘of experience of working in some of the top global corporates and is committed to aligning the vision of the company to its strategic objectives.

The company has something for everyone, whether they are a Startup looking for a distilled strategy or a mid-size company looking at international markets. The company also has bespoke counselling packages for a large company looking for complete organizational transformation. It also offers career advice to an executive and strategic guidance to a business leader. The company’s philosophy is not confined to only providing counselling, but also helping at every step, from implementation to delivery. It guides startups and SMEs from their launch to analyse their financial needs and assist in their scale-up phases.


Natio Cultus offer solution in the categories mentioned below:

Consulting for start-ups and SMEs: In this segment, the company works with enterprises ranging from ideation stage looking for validation of their idea to established organizations on the verge of the next phase of growth. The company follows a unique approach and partners with businesses to enhance the effectiveness of their efforts and mentor them to achieve their goals.

Strategic Consulting:

Natio Cultus has supremacy over designing strategies and with its superior capabilities, it has helped clients in every industry to develop and deliver winning strategies. The most critical role of Cultus is to help business units achieve leadership positions.

Investor Readiness:

Entrepreneurs are attracted by the focus on funding and accelerated the path to receiving funds. The core of the offering is the Investor Readiness Report, which enables an investor to screen opportunities effectively and an entrepreneur to prepare adequately for the funding process. This report is driven by a proprietary algorithm that quantifies not only the risks but also the opportunities. The report provides a quantitative rating across eleven critical criteria and 130 data points on where the company stands in terms of investor readiness. An additional rating comparing the company to the nearest peer group provides perspective to all stakeholders on the relative funding readiness of the company vis a vis other comparable opportunity.Companies also receive guidance on the funding strategy they should adopt. Every one of the clients of NC mandatorily goes through the Investor Readiness Report process before being onboard as a client. To date, thousands of companies have availed of this service in India and overseas.

Life and Leadership coaching:

Natio Cultus helps leaders in their strategic thinking and various aspects of their overall personality as a leader.

Cultus Edge:

It is a unique product for
startups and established businesses. Natio Cultus’s experienced team will help
in creating pitch documents, validate strategy, set up the governance
documents, and coach for the maximum impact with potential Investors.

Natio Cultus provides practical, actionable insights and solutions to its clients in the area of strategy, fundraising, operations, technology, human resources, one to one coaching of leaders and international business structuring.


Nalin Singh leads a boutique strategy & financial consulting company that also specializes in coaching leaders and crafting business strategy. He has held several leadership positions in India, Asia, Europe and the US; in leading corporates of the world. He has experienced the high and lows of entrepreneurship first hand and believes that advisors should be forthright and direct in their inputs to leaders. He frequently speaks about the need for advisors and experts to demystify dificult situations and choices for leaders and not to mystify simple ones. He has dabbled in film making and produced animation and live action movies. He has also authored four non-fiction books. He is the author of the bestselling book, Reboot to Reconquer – Navigating the Afternoon of Life. This book deals with the very real issue of mid-life crises and ways to cope with them. He has previously authored the book “Clairvoyance – Sixth Sense for A Global Career”. The book is targeted at the Indian youth & global companies operating in India. It guides the former on developing key skills required for a global career and the latter on developing the cultural competence to tap into the incredible talent in India. He has also co-authored “Manikantan A Mural Journey”, a book on mural art form. His last non-fiction book “Get Funded Now” has won the National Book Honour and is a bestseller. It helps to guide Entrepreneurs and would be Entrepreneurs in mastering the rigors faced in the path to achieving successful entrepreneurship. He has also recently launched the India Fund Fest & Indonesia Fund Fest for startups that seek funding away from the chaotic carnival like startup events. Nalin frequently speaks & writes on issues relating to outsourcing, BPO, cultural matters, diversity, aspirations of the youth of India and a variety of other topics related to the startup ecosystem. He has also been on the Advisory Board of leading corporates, various Industry Associations & publications. With more than twenty-five years of diverse experience he provides life & strategy coaching to leaders and boards of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and startup Founders. He has launched an investment fund in partnership with a leading angel investor. He is now featured on the startup funding web series, Horses Stable. He has recently released his first co-authored fiction novel, Trip Tease. He currently resides in Bangalore and helps leaders as a life coach and strategy consultant Over the course of more than 20 years at Fortune 50 organizations, Dinesh Singh – an IIM alumnus with a commerce background– has garnered unusual and fascinating leadership experiences through guiding large teams to success while spanning functions such as Sales, Business Development, Customer/Client Support, and HR in such diverse fields a s Economics Research , Market Intelligence & Risk Management, IT Consulting, and Banking. Now, as an entrepreneur, not content with merely leveraging this experience for himself, he is passionately facilitating and mentoring startups.

One word to describe Dinesh and goals:

Connector” He is the glue that holds various stakeholders within and outside the company together. He strives to bring maximum efficiency in processes and continuously improve.

The Nalin and Dinesh believe that they do not have to chase and
strive to do different
things to be unique; instead, the uniqueness comes from merely doing what they
say. Clients whose objectives of funding were not met or partially met by
engaging with NC, attest to the fact that no stone was le􀃹t unturned
in an attempt to support them. O􀃹ten the e􀃷forts continued way beyond the contract period.

 Both Nalin and Dinesh had
unique journeys. What is common is the fact that both were highly successful in
their corporate careers, followed by failed entrepreneurial stints. The
learning from the failures is what created NC in the form and shape it is.
Today it has an international footprint and has served more than 350 clients.
Over the past four years, including the India Fund Fest and Indonesia Fund
Fest, NC has touched 30000+ entrepreneurs and business owners in some way or
the other.

In the recently organized India Fund Fest 2019 finale in Bengaluru, out of 28 startups who pitched, 13 received offers from the investors and 8 were accepted. This totals to confirmed spot deals in excess of INR 25 Crores. With an additional three deals still open, the number is expected to touch INR 42 Crores. One deal was struck by a member of the audience. On the confirmed deals alone, this is India’s largest Single Day Startup Funding Event ever!


The company has magnanimous plans of expanding its location in
the future and become an enabler across the Asia Pacific region for companies
seeking support to scale their business or go international. Natio Cultus
believes that growth will come from India, companies from India going
international and companies from other geographies in the Asia-Pacific region.
The company has plans of moving into more significant advisory roles at board
level, representing investor groups to monitor their investments and coach the
leaders of their invested companies. The team will include a higher proportion
of senior people with strong mentoring and coaching skills.