Newstar Consulting -The 10 Most Admired Consultant Leaders to watch in 2019

In this millennial age we are all in the midst of different sorts of innovations. All that we need is only a solitary snap away. One such thing is again conceivable with any pursuit of employment. There are sufficient measure of sites and applications which help you surf around and go over such a significant number of sources for getting an appropriate line of work. Despite the fact that the test in this undertaking is to discover a source which is dependable and trustworthy.

Education and competition has grown so much in this era, that there are so many people who are educated but unemployed. For every person to get employed they don’t just need the basic education and skills required for that particular job anymore. Every recruiter is looking for that x-factor or the extra skill which can make the candidate stand out. In a pool of number of candidates hoping to target a particular job, to get one who is well equipped with basic knowledge but also has those additional skills which can be used in all possible ways to get the organization reach heights, is of utmost importance for the recruiters.

According to Newstar Consulting, hiring potential applicants is one of the hardest activity in this time. The organizations should know about the fundamental necessities of the activity and furthermore must be clear with all the extra aptitudes and skills they need in an applicant. Additionally, when there is a potential applicant who is all around furnished with required learning and range of abilities, it turns into a test for any association to turn into that first priority for this smart candidate.

Getting associated with the potential applicants is another task for the selection representatives. In spite of the fact that they are everywhere throughout the web and web based life, however to focus on that right group of onlookers and to make their trust in you turns into a tough job. In this procedure, one isn’t simply searching for the suitable dynamic applicant, yet the eyes are likewise onto latent competitors, with whom one can interface as per the need.

Newstar Consulting, in fact, is a sparkling star in the market with regards to beat every one of these difficulties. They have had various chances to build up multinationals in India. They are pioneers in the business of enrolments and help all the eminent associations in getting the correct applicants.

They help organisations overcome these challenges by single headedly leveraging multiple mediums of hiring from In-house databases to job portals to Social Media & headhunting. Their utmost priority is to build up a database of resilient people who crave to learn and develop and who long for that additional mile with all the required aptitudes and abilities. This is so they can later make their work simpler and furnish the associations with the correct candidates as and when the need arrives in the minimum time possible.

Established in 1997, Newstar Consulting is one of the leading recruitment firms in the industry. They are well established with the best consultants who are geared up to serve the needs of the firm. With more than 2 decades of expertise in the business of recruitments in all industries and functions, they provide efficient manpower with unique qualities as per the specifications of their client base. The high recruitment rate they procure, the business they get repeatedly from the major clients and multiple awards that they have received, prove that they have the zing to make it happen and let the organizations they work with, have some of the best minds around. Our highly professional approach provides speed and efficiency, driving down the search time-scale without compromising quality standards.

The people behind such high rate of client satisfaction and an awesome culture of work are Managing Director Hemant Kumar & CEO Lalna Shewaramani. They are building a business that is rewarding for “Employers” and “Employees”, both.

Hemant Kumar, a Marine Engineer established the business back in 2007, when the business was least known and & with no tools & technology to support. This was quite a great challenge in itself as there were limited sources to connect to people. Leaving no signs of failure he struggled to achieve what he wanted to. Overcoming all the challenges he faced his way, he developed the association to Pan India level. Today, Newstar serves clients across Asia and Middle East. Analysing the opportunities that the business has and the tremendous growth organisation, Lalna Shewaramani joined the business in 2008. She has pursued Masters in Business Administration and heads the company as a CEO and further strengthens the business. She had joined after a long successful profession with incredible experience working in few of the biggest names in the corporate world.

Newstar Consulting is spread across the industry supporting large set of clients from varied businesses. From Fortune 500 to Industry start-ups all comprise the clientele & they make it a point that all our clients get timely & high quality services. Newstar as a successful firm has received numerous awards for its excellence. Listed are few of them –

  1. Best Consultant: Flextronics (Aricent).
  2. Best Consultant: NCR Corporation.
  3. Preferred Business Partner: COLT Technologies.
  4. Esteemed & Valuable Resourcing Partner: HCL Technologies.
  5. Valuable Resourcing Partner: XL.
  6. Valued Vendor: Ericsson.
  7. Preferred Vendor : Schneider Electric.
  8. Silicon India 20 Most Promising Consultants – 2018.

Making recruitments easy for the employers and creating a source for the employees to get in touch with some of the huge companies in the market, Newstar is working for the betterment of the processes each day so that the industry gets what it demands.