WhizJuniors – BS Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2019

In this age of quickest developing innovation all around, the world has quite recently got so smaller and united some splendid personalities. In this era of innovation and developments, there are different sources that help students adapt a lot in a brief timeframe. The children these days don’t limit themselves while getting the hang of something. Each child needs to pick up something that is expansion to his educational programs. The way of handling and tackling the kids is bit challenging. This is on the grounds that you have to go their dimension of reasoning and cause them to comprehend what you need to educate them. To make this simpler, there is one such association which is taking all endeavors to make it simple for the children to learn and develop. WhizJuniors is an Online Technical Learning Platform for students and educators. It is a stage that gives chances to children to upgrade their pioneering and learning aptitudes.

WhizJuniors is a platform that utilizes Edtech productively to enable somebody to ace the abilities that they like and enjoy. It enables one to get familiar with various skills or to improve an aptitude you most likely as of now have in you. They can gain proficiency with these abilities in a fun manner without a weight or feeling of boredom. It makes students prepared such that they are future ready and get familiar with some significant abilities that will help fabricate their insight base for 21st century.

WhizJuniors aims to help evolve the Edtech platform in India. It aims to be the most effective medium to educate both students and teachers across India. The ones interested can enroll here and just start learning as learning here on this platform is fun. They provide essential training for computer curriculum and involves both students and teachers to conduct research. This takes them into a stream of being an entrepreneur. This curriculum is designed by subject matter experts in a way to help each one become self-reliant and think on the same lines as a budding entrepreneur.

WhizJuniors is a team of passionate people who have that urge to solve a lot of problems for the society. They have identified those weakest options about why children are not able to learn and why they feel it is boring. They have come up with a point that, in this competitive world, children have to learn and learn a lot. They are very much inclined towards providing skills and education to children in a way they would like it. When it comes to the level of difficulty nothing really remains so with Whizjuniors, as for them every difficult situation is an opportunity towards betterment and they strive very hard to accomplish goals that are for the betterment of the society.

In this project they have chosen three brilliant minds who are students, from across India. They have chosen them based on their innovative ideas that are driven towards social development, sustainability and for larger good of the society. They are investing a huge amount of Rs. 1 Crore for each child to help them develop their idea on a large scale and prepare an incubation ground for them, building entrepreneurs out of them. Another project they are working on is developing WhizSchools which is an integrated Computer Curriculum which will be followed across all schools in india. These tasks, indeed, have been challenging for them in terms of making people understand their larger vision.

After all this thought process of such an engaging and vibrant platform, is Vidushi Daga, the CEO of WhizJuniors. She states that WhizJuniors was her dream come true as a platform that will enable the digitally literate India, drive to the next level and develop platform for Pan-India. As a CEO of the company, she understands how crucial her work is, as this is going to directly contribute to the development of the country. While it was new and evolving, the Edtech industry has had its share of challenges in the past. But now it is at par with the global trends and adopting world-class teaching methods and infrastructure that have never been heard of before. Vidushi Daga, also gives the credits to her team of brilliant youth and teachers who have continually helped in putting up the thoughts and ideas and enabled her to develop more and more modules and continually do R&D in the field to help them enhance their skills and become at par with their global peers.

The greatest strength of WhizJuniors is that they are just a click away. They make whole experience of students getting onboard fun and playful through their social gaming technique. Their future plans revolve around becoming a holistic education platform. They can see it gradually being achieved with more and more number of students joining them from time to time. The trust and confidence of the students in WhizJuniors is helping them work towards developing more user friendly interfaces that are being encouraged by all those who are using it.

WhizJuniors has a varies clientele which comprises of students from various mediums of school across the country. These students are from different boards. They also have teachers who are always eager to learn new stuff and continuously drive their motivation. All their clients are Pan- Indian.

For More Details : https://whizjuniors.com/