Healthcare Consulting Services – 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2019

Healthcare Consulting Services (HCS): Makingan impact through its state-of-the-art services


The healthcare sector in India is in its all-time high and is soon to become a $250 billion industry by the year 2020. The industry faces issues like lack of efficient workforce and experienced doctors, operational inefficiencies, and lack of government aid and funds. There is always a need of an expert who can be entrusted with the task of executing all operational and workforce tasks while the top management devotes its time and effort in their core activities.


Healthcare Consulting Services (HCS) is one such expert consultancy based out of Mumbai that has built a robust and full-proof suite of the entire healthcare consulting services. The vision of the consultancy is to manage more than 1000 beds of midsize & large Hospitals in minimum 30 tier I & II cities in next 3-5 years offering Health at people doorstep. It is the vision of the consultancy that has made it what it is today with a long list of satisfied clients.

With a mission to help manage all the unprofessionally run hospitals with best Management practices and to be able to provide world-class medicine, treatment & service to local population, HCS has earned recognition in no time since its inception. Commitment, service delivery, ethical, management integrity, and accessibility are some of the core values of the organization which has made it a trusted and reliable service organization in its category.

HCS offers the full range of consultancy services whether it is a single-specialty or multi-specialty Hospital, right from ideation , Concept to commissioning and commissioning to operations. One of the major factors that attract hospital owners to HCS is that it is a solution provider with efficiency of services and the cost of incurring those services. The consultancy follows a very systematic and professional approach to deliver any services and defines every process in detail with transparency. In every project, we involve promoter of the hospital right from design thinking to implementation of the solutions in decisions like what specialty/ services / department / facility to be upgraded to existing set-up, after thorough cost benefit analysis.


HCS is in the business of managing and sustaining Hospitals. Its main services is to help hospital owners to turn around the hospital business growth. HCS consultant prior to starting the project do a thorough hospital check to understand various Gap in the Hospital on couple of parameters such as Infrastructure analysis, Facility evaluation, Statutory compliance, Specialty & Service Mix, Manpower mapping, identifying gaps in clinical department planning ensuring enough space, equipment, consumables and skilled manpower is available to mann the department, Software check, Internal & External Signages, overall to check building blocks of the organisations and check whether we have process owner available and responsible for each processes.

Service areas of the HCS in Hospital is to help Hospital first of all is to identify the problems by Gap analysis as mention above. Second is to form a strategy within their budget for expansion or development of the Hospital. Strategies like whether to run our own pathology or to outsource it by creating only collection centre , which option is cost effective in the long run , which all alternative to opt for in the short run. Apart from this you have areas like ICU, Pharmacy, Radiology, Blood bank, dialysis etc where you are required to think through.

The services that the consultancy offers include Concept building, Architectural drawings, strategy support, getting right people for right profile with defined KRA and KPI, help in Marketing Branding and Communication of Hospital , Equipment planning, vendor management, Interior designing, getting right software for Hospital with integration, Hospital, help in TPA and Insurance Empanelment, Clinical / Doctor recruitment, Training, Accreditation like ISO / NABH etc, fundraising, help you outsource one or more department and help you manage your entire Hospital.


HCS has a team of adept and passionate professionals who have developed a unique method to execute efficient hospital marketing, branding, operations management, profitable revenue-generating model, start-up’s project for hospitals, workforce management, and other resource management by applying best management practices. To achieve greater heights in this hyper-competitive globalized world, the company not only has effective strategic planning, proper infrastructure, best medical professionals and consultants, but also proficient human resources, besides best clinical planning, sufficient knowledge & exposure towards statutory compliances, and efficient planning for hospitals marketing and sales. This is where HCS comes as a troubleshooter and fits into a place of a provider who serves the solution of all these grave and vital concerns.


HCS evaluates an organization’s process based on critical 100+ KPIs and performs ‘Need-Gap-Analysis’ which assists them in crafting a solution that leverages better streamlining of all resources. HCS’s standard practices based on market research, thus assist clients in knowing the right costing for various medical services to attract more customers towards their Hospital.


One of the distinguished professionals who are bringing transformational changes in the healthcare industry is Amit SontakkeManaging Partner of Healthcare Consulting Services. He is an MBA (HA) from IMS, Indore, who has completed “Advanced Senior Management Program” from IIM Calcutta & certification course in “Sustaining & Managing Hospital Growth” from IIM Bangalore as well. His vast experience of over 18 years in serving various Multi-specialty Hospitals & Multinational Companies makes him a dominant professional in the industry. His proficiency and astuteness in hospital operation management and optimizing available resources for more profitability and efficiency assist healthcare providers with increased performance reduced cost and strengthen them in managing their administrative task in a much efficient and money-spinning way.

FUTURE AHEAD:                  

HCS plans to establish ICU with its capable team of experts from design to commissioning to operations of the ICU going forward. HCS has started a separate recruitment drive for identifying and selecting a clinical specialist for the same. Along with this, HCS has already establishing standalone departments like pharmacy, pathology, and imaging, ICU, etc. that can be backward integrated into the array of managed hospitals, which lacked them.

HCS has plans to establish its Brand Management vertical for the Hospital., with experienced digital marketing companies that help hospitals to outreach among more prospective customers and help them build a brand out of service. HCS has an aspiration to manage 10-12 hospitals in Maharashtra and then expand the operations in all over of India.

HCS is also focusing on helping charitable sick hospital by systemic capacity building and help them strengthening their processes focusing on Project and Statutory compliance, Clinical planning, Human Resource strengthening like Doctors / Nurses etc and their training, IT infrastructure and software up gradation, initaing Hospital promotions, Strengthening operations of Admission & discharge by defining processes and allocating process owners and monitoring it, right from front office to report delivery section etc. In one such project in virar, hospital was in negative cash flow and now with proper support and fundraising and getting up right facility planning equipped with skilled doctors and equipment, HCS have been able to revive the hospital with positive cash flow, thus in the process not only able support and improve community health, but also provide employment to local. With this learning and experience, HCS team is planning to adopt and strengthen 12 charitable hospitals in remote location of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and few in Maharashtra itself.