Lex Jurists – Top 10 Enterprise Service Provider Companies 2019

Founded in 1993, Lex Jurists® Advocates & Solicitors is a full-service law firm and deals with civil as well as criminal litigation across district courts, high courts, and the Supreme Court of India. The firm specializes in compliance and regulatory work for major corporate clients and handles a wide range of arbitration matters both in India and abroad, including the London Court of International Arbitration. The lawyers at Lex Jurists have extensive experience in advising Indian as well as international clients which include leading corporates and high-net-worth individuals. Lex Jurists has successfully undertaken many significant cases and their lawyers hold the distinction of contesting several landmark cases.

Lex Jurists has always believed in the highest level of integrity and people-oriented approach. Team Lex Jurists ardently follows the principle of “clients first” in providing reliable and highly effective services. The firm believes that mutual trust is the single highest priority in any partnership and that a lawyer’s sworn duty is to act in the best interest of clients. The clients of Lex Jurists find their lawyers to be incredibly diligent and experienced in their respective specialities as they provide rational advice and guidance every step of the way.

Mr. Rajinder Singh, the founder and Managing Partner of Lex Jurists, has extensive experience in criminal litigation and has served as a counsel in the some of the most publicized cases in India. Over the years, Mr. Singh has earned a formidable reputation in criminal law practice. He has been the Legal Coordinator of Rape Crisis Intervention Centre of Delhi Police for 8 years. Moreover, he holds the distinction of having been regularly featured in many Criminal Law articles and papers published in leading magazines and international journals including the Washington Global Post. Mr. Singh is a prominent speaker and has moderated various conferences in India and abroad, has successfully contested cases at the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), led Corporate Fraud Investigation Teams in Cyprus, and is regularly engaged as a counsel for commercial disputes in Dubai. In addition, Mr. Singh led a team of Counsels to Spain and United States of America to engage and negotiate with law firms for filing and contesting law suits/ criminal cases for various clients, and there is much more to add to his achievements.

Team Lex Jurists strives to deliver high quality legal services, keeping in view the time and cost efficiencies for their clients. They are apremier Indian law firm comprising a team of highly competent, well experienced and dedicated lawyers, and their primary focus is to provide pragmatic, solution-oriented and technically feasible advice while ensuring efficacy, mutual trust and personal responsibility towards their clients. The firm has many awards and accolades to its credit. For instance, the Founder and Managing Partner of the firm was honoured with the award for “Excellence in Criminal Litigation” at the CXO + GC Leadership Summit 2018. Additionally, the firm was recognized as “Criminal Litigation Law Firm of the Year 2018” by a distinguished panel comprising of Mr. Soli J. Sorabjee (Indian Jurist and Former Attorney General of India), Mr. Tushar Mehta (Solicitor General of India), Mr. Lalit Bhasin (President, Society of Indian Law Firms) amongst other distinguished panellists. Lex Jurists is also a proud recipient of the “Ten Most Recommendable Corporate & Commercial Law Solutions Providers of India” award by Insights Success.

The firm’s greatest strength is their team of hard-working lawyers who make every effort to achieve positive outcomes. Today, as the firm grows, its goal is to sustain their high standards of performance and deliverables, while ensuring an enabling work environment for their lawyers. The firm values the story of every person walking through their doors, and takes the time to nurture them until they mature and reach a safe shore. Above all, they pride themselves in taking a holistic approach while dealing with cases, ensuring deep respect and sensitivity towards their clients.

The future is certainly bright for this dynamic team of lawyers at Lex Jurists.

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  • Lex Jurist is a wide spectrum legal services firm. The team comprises of highly skilled professionals with a strong sense of professional values.