Vijaya Diagnostic Centre – 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2019

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre- Reliable and Reputed Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic centers across India have witnessed a massive increase in patients and healthy people seeking various routine and other crucial tests in the past few years. Reliable clinical reports are essential as it paves the path for further treatment and also provides a lot of peace of mind to patients. The increase in health awareness and an upsurge in people suffering from lifestyle diseases are a few of the biggest reasons behind the rise.

Reliable results, quality, and affordable services are some of the parameters that make a diagnostic center remarkable. Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is once such center, founded in 1981 by Dr. S. Surender Reddy. The center has a unique vision of offering state-of-the-art services under one roof so that the patient does not have to go elsewhere for other tests. It is a one-stop center for a simple test like blood or urine to sophisticated tests like MRI, CT Scan, etc.

Being customer-centric, innovative, and affordable is the motto of the center. Today, VDC has expanded to over 50 centers in Hyderabad, in addition to other branches in Warangal, Hanamkonda, Nizamabad, Kurnool, Nellore, Visakhapatnam, Karimnagar, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Gurgaon.

The center offers the entire range of diagnostic services and harness technology to provide cutting-edge services to people of AP & Telangana. Technology has always been at the forefront of VDC, and the center has utilized technology in every service that it offers.

Its flagship centre at Hyderabad is equipped with the latest and most cutting edge equipment in diagnostic technology including a 3.0 Tesla high field MRI, 128 Slice CT, Dual Head SPECT Gamma Camera, 16 slice PET CT in addition to highly specialized lab testing services including Flow Cytometry, RT-PCR DNA testing, Immunohistochemistry, Tumor Marker analysis, Hormonal Assays and more. The center offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic services spanning Imaging Services, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology, Audiometry, Gastroenterology, Routine and Specialty Lab Services.

Since its establishment till now, the center has strived to offer excellent services at a price which is affordable for everyone. Being price-friendly makes the center super-successful among all class of people. Healthcare in India is evolving, and so are the diagnostic centers, and Vijaya Diagnostic Centre has left no stone unturned to make a mark in the healthcare sector.

Trust is always at the core of VDC, and it is the trust of its patients that the center has seen a magnanimous growth since its inception. All the centers of VDC are equipped with instruments and devices of the highest technical standards. The team at VDC comprise of expert radiologists, pathologists and a qualified team of over 1800 professionals consisting of some of the country’s top doctors who are adept at performing various diagnostic services. The center is known for producing the most reliable and timely reports that are crucial for clinical outcomes and further treatments and is recommended by all reputed doctors across AP & Telangana.

The founder of VDC, Dr. S.Surender Reddy (MBBS, MD) felt the need for comprehensive diagnostic service in Hyderabad and launched VDC. He began with a vision to provide complete diagnostic services under one roof. Dr. Surender Reddy’s has a mission to have a full-fledged network of 250+ VDCs across urban and rural India with an emphasis on providing best-in-class service to the people. It is his strong work ethic and passion that has made VDC a premiere Diagnostic center in AP & Telangna, a much-ahead in its category.

Diagnostic centers require a skilled workforce to fill various positions and that too in large numbers. VDC has, at times, faced the challenge of hiring the right people but has never compromised with the quality of its staff. The center, at times, faced the challenge of finding the right people but successfully hired some of the top-notch experts after making use of its network and referral.

VDC offers rewards and recognition to its team members who excel in their work and produce overwhelming results and exceed the expectation of the management. The center also has incentive plans in place for the members who deliver best-in-class service.

VDC conducts various Medical Education events where top medical practitioners create awareness about the latest technological developments in the field of diagnostic healthcare. The center has expanded over the years and yet to expand in other premiere locations of India shortly.

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