Arsonic International – BS Best Places to Work in 2019

Technology is changing day by day and life is becoming easier and automated. Arsonic International, a home automation and technology solutions provider has surpassed all the needs in the industry of home automation and is aiming for PAN India.

Imagine if you are watching your favourite movie on TV or working dedicatedly on something and don’t want to get disturbed just to adjust the lights, fan, curtains or the temperature of the AC. Arsonic International has given solution to this and has made the things extremely easier for you. Now the lights, temperature, fan, motors, gates, curtains can be controlled without moving or leaving your comfortable position. Whether you are inside the house of outside of country you can control all the home appliance from anywhere and everywhere. Yuhu! Just a few touches on your mobile and get the home customized and automated as per your mood.

Today we are talking about smart city and its only possible when homes will be smart. Arsonic International since its very existence has worked phenomenally to provide exceptional service to the clients and has embarked its name among one of the trusted and recommended home automation solution providers in India.

Services Offered

Arsonic International from its very beginning has aimed to provide a user-friendly technology. The firm using the home automation technology at its best provides an affordable range of solutions and services for residential and commercial space. It provides home automation solutions, office automation solutions, lighting control, gate automation, safety & security products for home, offices and industries.

The switchboards designed are smart and come with retrofit solutions which can automate the lighting, fan, ac, audio/video, curtains, geysers and many more. The solutions provided are resilient and are effective in both new and old construction.

The home automation products offered provide tools to play with the color of light as per the mood. Be it Ac, lights, geyser or curtains, everything can be scheduled. To ensure smooth operations, everything is automated and not controlled. It just takes 20 minutes to automate a switchboard and replace the traditional one.

Standing Unique

The team, Arsonic International believes that the service offered is the key to success. Aiming to provide round the clock service, Arsonic International has succeeded in providing the best service in the industry to its channel partners, end-users or the internal customers.

The team is made of adept professionals who handle the mega-size installation, testing, commissioning and post-sale service. Each team member understands the responsibilities and ensures to provide the best service.

The Founding Member

Amod Kumar Yadav, Founder & CEO explain himself as “doer” in a single word. He is a management professional with an experience total of 19 years in the domain of lighting and automation. Before shifting to the Middle East, he has contributed in the Indian giants like Bajaj group and Crompton Greaves for western region i.e. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Goa. He has contributed in various dynamic and landmark projects for lighting and automation namely, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis hotel, Yas marina Hotel, Hamad international airport, Hamad Port, Khalifa stadia (One of the proposed stadia for FIFA 2022), Doha metro and many more. He has also worked as business development director for Asia Pacific in association with German Lightning Giant, Arclite.

Core Team

Mr. Amod Kumar Yadav – Founder & CEO

Mrs. Manjuusha Manker – Managing Director

Mr. Deepak Pancheshwar – General Manager

Mr. Kailash Yadav – Manager – Accounts & Audit

Ms. Seema Verma – Manager – Admin & HR

Ms. Hema Devangan – Manager – Technical & Estimation

Overcoming the Roadblocks

Amod hails from a small town and owes a small family. In his professionalism of 19 years, he faced a lot many challenges but his determination, self-belief and quick learning habit always motivated him in moving forward. His trust in himself and a positive attitude of never giving-up helped him surpass all the challenges. He believes in improving daily and says, “I don’t think I have achieved any landmark so far, but I have improved a little better from where I had started”. Owing to the prime quality of an entrepreneur he further says, “My risk appetite is very high, and I believe that not taking any risk is the biggest risk of life. Roadblocks are part and parcel of life and it will keep coming and going. Just don’t distract and deviate because of roadblocks.”

The Future Ahead

Putting the full focus on process, Amod doesn’t think a lot about results. Arsonic International laid its foundation in Raipur and today it has manifested its name successfully in 7 other states. Witnessing this, he says that Arsonic International is following the correct process and a right road map. Quoting Amod, “I believe that if I am honest during the process result will follow.” The team, Arsonic International is working hard and getting prepared to face new challenges which might come amidst growing.

With an optimistic approach, Arsonic International believes in improving year by year. With every moment, they are learning and enhancing themselves to achieve the pre-determined Arsonic International in a short span has completed 100+ successful projects in Central India goals and aim to be the successful technology providers in India.

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